Marie-Josée Saint-Antoine Wikipedia: Model Stabbed To Death

Marie Josee Saint-Antoine Wikipedia

Marie-Josée Saint-Antoine Wikipedia: She was one of the prettiest and most attractive models who was killed brutally at the young age of 24.

Marie Josee Saint-Antoine was a 24-year-old fashion model. She was associated with Elite Model Management Corporation in New York City.

Marie had been interested in modeling since a young age. She had worked hard and consistently to make a name for herself in the industry.

Also, Josee was a confident woman with a bold appearance. She believed in sharing her opinion and working with determination.

Tragically, Saint was found stabbed to death in her apartment near Gramercy Park. Her promising future was cut short by her death.

Moreover, Marie had lived alone in the city for three years. There were not any signs of robbery or forced entry during the investigation of her murder.

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Marie-Josée Saint-Antoine Wikipedia

Marie-Josée Saint-Antoine Wikipedia: She was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her birthdate was 1958.

Marie Josee Saint-Antoine Wikipedia
Marie Josee Saint-Antoine Wikipedia: She was a fashion magazine cover model who was a rising star. (Source: Grace)

Unfortunately, The model died at the young age of 24 on June 18, 1982, in Manhattan, New York City, USA, due to homicide.

Antoine appeared as a stunning and Gorgeous woman. She had a bold appearance and beautiful eyes that captivated the audience.

Marie was a tall and petite woman. She had a pointed nose and full lips with pearly white teeth, which would show when she smiled beautifully.

Additionally, Saint had worked for several magazines. Her outstanding visuals would often mesmerize people with her beauty.

Marie would have been the most excellent model of all time. Nonetheless, she lived a relatively short life, and her journey was unfair.

The beautiful model was a private person. She had not mentioned much about her family and educational background.

The Antoine family must have been devastated when they found out the news of their daughter’s murder.

The TV personality appeared to be a devoted and hardworking daughter. She must be a great sister to her siblings if she had any.

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Model Marie-Josée Saint-Antoine Was Stabbed To Death

Marie-Josée Saint-Antoine, a rising French-Canadian fashion model, met a tragic end in her New York apartment decades ago.

Marie Josee Saint-Antoine Wikipedia
Alain Monpetit, a renowned broadcaster, was the murderer of the beautiful model. (Source: IMDb)

The alleged killer was identified as Alain Montpetit, a prominent broadcaster. The murderer was known for his role in Montreal’s ’80s disco scene.

The shocking revelation came after Montpetit reportedly confessed to attacking Marei Josee in the foyer of her apartment. New York Police Detective Stefano Beacinni disclosed the news.

However, The culprit had passed away from a cocaine overdose in a Washington hotel five years after the fashion model’s death.

Josee’s body was discovered in her apartment in 1982. The fashion magazine cover model had been brutally stabbed multiple times.

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Marie-Josée Saint-Antoine Found Dead In NYC Apartment

The 24-year-old model was celebrated for being active in New York’s nightlife scene. She lived alone on the fourth floor of a building at 246 East 23rd Street.

Her untimely demise shocked the fashion community and left many questions unanswered. The murder weapon was not found, and the police were awaiting an autopsy report.

Nevertheless, the killer was found to be Alain Montpetit. Detective Bracinni described the attack as an act of “pure rage.”

The case, initially deemed a cold case, was reopened. Forty people were interviewed during the investigation, leading to revelations from two women who claimed Alain confessed to them.

One of Alain’s former girlfriends also stated that he had been with her at the time of the killing. The motive behind the brutal attack was revealed.

Marie rejected Montpetit’s request for assistance in renewing a relationship with one of her friends. The rejection reportedly fueled Alain, leading to the tragic end of the vibrant model.

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