Is Harry Jowsey Gay: Or Dating Girlfriend Rylee Arnold In 2023

Harry Jowsey Gay

Is Harry Jowsey gay or dating girlfriend Rylee Arnold in 2023? This question has piqued the curiosity of many as the reality TV sensation’s personal life takes center stage in the public eye.

Harry Jowsey is a reality TV sensation who shot to fame through his appearance on Netflix’s reality dating show, ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ in 2021.

This Australian-born reality star quickly became a fan favorite due to his charming personality and good looks.

Beyond his television career, Jowsey’s personal life has garnered significant attention, particularly regarding his sexual orientation and dating life.

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Is Harry Jowsey gay?

In a surprising twist of events in July 2023, Harry Jowsey made a public declaration about his sexual orientation during his appearance on the popular radio program, the Zach Sang Show.

This disclosure marked a significant milestone in his life as he openly shared his experiences with same-sex attraction, describing them as enjoyable.

He confessed to having harbored curiosity about his sexual identity for some time but had been reluctant to explore it, largely due to his conservative upbringing and societal expectations.

Harry Jowsey Gay
Harry Jowsey found himself embroiled in a controversial situation with the popular YouTuber, James Charles. (Source: Out Magazine)

Additionally, he opened up about the ongoing emotional struggles he faced, including depression and anxiety, stemming from this inner conflict.

His decision to come out as gay brought him a sense of relief and authenticity, which he attributed to finding a partner who provided a safe and accepting environment for him to be true to himself.

Although the TV star chose not to reveal the identity of his partner, he emphasized the unwavering support and love he received from them.

Jowsey expressed his hope that his decision to publicly share his journey would serve as an inspiration and source of support for others who might be navigating similar challenges.

Is Harry Jowsey dating girlfriend Rylee Arnold in 2023?

Recent rumors have been swirling regarding the nature of Harry Jowsey’s relationship with Rylee Arnold, his dance partner on the popular reality competition show ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

These speculations gained traction following the duo’s standout performance on the show.

They earned a respectable score of 24 out of 40 for their Foxtrot routine, set to the backdrop of Motown music.

In response to these dating rumors, the TV personality addressed the situation and characterized them as “a little bit unfair.”

Harry Jowsey Gay
Dance collaborators Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey on Dancing with the Stars (Source: People)

He conveyed his concern for Arnold, who, in contrast to him, is relatively new to the world of public scrutiny and the opinions that come with it.

Jowsey stressed that both he and Arnold are entirely focused on their dance performances and are simply savoring the experience of being partners during their time on the show.

This statement helps clarify their professional commitment to the competition and underlines the importance of their shared dedication to their dancing performances on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Harry Jowsey Dating History

Harry Jowsey’s romantic past has connected him to numerous women, both within the realm of television and beyond.

During his stint on ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ he forged a romantic bond with Francesca Farago, a Canadian influencer and model.

The two even became engaged during the reunion episode.

However, their relationship ultimately unraveled in June 2020, primarily due to the complexities of maintaining a long-distance relationship and the emergence of trust issues.

Following his separation from Farago, there were speculations about Jowsey dating Georgia Bryers, a New Zealand radio host.

Harry Jowsey Gay
Harry Jowsey partners with Rylee Arnold for their dance performance on Dancing with the Stars. (Source: People)

They initially crossed paths on the dating app Bumble and went on a few dates in August 2020.

Nonetheless, their romantic connection gradually waned, and by February 2021, he had confirmed his single status.

The TV star has been seen in the company of various other women, including Larsa Pippen, Madison Wyborny, and Stassie Karanikolaou.

However, he has consistently refuted the notion of having serious relationships with them, underscoring that he was simply embracing life and having a good time.

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