Lui Calibre Death and Arrest News – Is He In Jail? Allegations, Case Update

Lui Calibre

Lui Calibre Death and arrest news have caused a commotion among the fans of the gaming community. Is he arrested? You can read more to find out about his current status.

American YouTuber Lui Calibre is a well-known figure in the online gaming industry. He went by the pseudonym “YourHeroes” and was widely recognized for having a high-pitched “Squeaker voice.”

On May 24, 2010, Calibre posted his first video on YouTube, where he originally released uncut, simple gameplay videos for games like Red Dead Redemption and Halo.

Lui’s popularity on YouTube increased in October 2012 due to a new series he produced called the “Squeaker Squad.”

The gamer would prank people by pretending to be a squeaker sound when playing games like Black Ops 2.

The Youtuber began getting many subscribers and views by posting these kinds of movies. Later, he started playing with the Vanoss crew, blowing up his channel.

YourHeroes, nicknamed gamer saw a rapid increase in subscribers and views during the years that followed. And he had accumulated more than 5 million subscribers by 2016.

However, he disappeared entirely from YouTube in 2016 and quit uploading videos to his channel for three years without explaining why he had done so.

The Black Ops player then momentarily reappeared before going missing again eight months later.

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Lui Calibre Death and Arrest News – Is He In Jail?

As of today, Calibre is still active on his YouTube channel. He is currently live streaming playing a game Called Hogwarts Legacy.

Therefore, if the gamer is still active on his channel, he is alive.

Lui Calibre
Lui Calibre taking a selfie ( Source: The Famous People)

Speaking about his arrest, there has been no news of it because the accusations have not been proven to be accurate. Therefore, claiming that he is deceased or has been jailed is false.

Lui Calibre Allegations Revealed

On the 14th May of 2020, Lui’s ex-girlfriend Cyan came forward on Twitter with the allegations that he was a predator and didn’t deserve to be on a big social platform such as YouTube.

She said on Twitter that eight women came forward to her regarding how the YouTube gamer had manipulated them; three even had suicidal thoughts and needed therapy to process the trauma he had caused them.

A 16-year-old girl made the initial accusation. Lui was 32 years old, and the girl was only 16 when She spoke with him in 2015. It implies that they were dating.

Lui Calibre on twittter "I'm being escorted around E3 by my girlfriends."
Lui Calibre on Twitter “I’m being escorted around E3 by my girlfriends.” ( Source: Twitter )

The second accusation came from a woman named Jane Doe, who was also in a relationship with him and said she had been verbally abused when they were together.

Lui would send her nude pictures of other girls’ bodies that he had received and compare them to hers, which is illegal and considered revenge porn.

The next accusation came from a girl named Killuhbyte, who claimed she had a terrible time dating him and that the gamer would dictate everything she wore, worsening her depression and making her consider committing suicide.

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Case Update of Lui Calibre

Allegations against Calibre still need to be confirmed, as mentioned above. He has not yet responded to the claims, although he is presently seen attempting a comeback in his gaming profession.

However, his career has declined rapidly due to the incident because some people hold him accountable for all his wrongdoings.

Lui Calibre posing for a picture
Lui Calibre giving an interview ( Source: skwiki )

Lui has denied every accusation, but he has acknowledged that he did treat the girls immorally. Other than that, he is innocent.

Despite the lack of evidence, some of his supporters still stand by him.

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