Obituary: River Stone Cause Of Death, Sharon Stone Nephew Age and Parents

River Stone

River Stone Cause Of Death was total organ failure. River was a nephew of the famous American actress Sharon Stone.

The full name of River Stone was River William Stone. He was born on September 8, 2020. As he was suffering from Total Organ Failure, his Aunt Sharon prayed daily for better health and recovery.

Sharon also posted her nephew’s picture incubated inside the hospital chamber, and all her fan following and well-wishers were praying for River’s speedy recovery.

Unfortunately, the doctors or prayers could not save River William Stone, and he passed away on August 30, 2021. River’s father, Patrick, was a brother of Sharon. His father and mother, Tasha, were updating the situation on social media before the death.

Sharon said it was the hardest thing ever in her life and begged for prayers from all her followers on social media. His mother, Tasha, was also devasted due to the critical condition of her son River.

River Stone Cause of Death – Sharon Stone Nephew Age

Since River was born on 2020 October 8 and died on 2021 August 30, the age of Stone was just 11 months when he passed away. The stone family had three children Quinn, Roan, and Laird.

eRiver was added as the fourth family member, making every member happy and joyful. However, the happiness did not stay for long, as the junior Stone left the world eleven months after his birth.

River william stone - sharon stone
Sharon Stone shared a post welcoming River to the family. (Source: Instagram)

The actress Sharon Stone was so depressed that she lost her nephew and godson. She posted a post grieffully on her Instagram about the incident. Besides, her family members were suffering from COVID-19 and were hospitalized.

Her brother-in-law Bruce and her sister were able to recover later. But her grandmother sadly could not survive. The grandparents were living in Montana at that time.

River Stone Parents

The parents of River Stone were Patrick and Tasha Stone. Both his father and mother loved him so much; Sharon Stone, her Aunt, said he was not just her nephew but also a godson. The Family was in a tragic situation with the incident, alongside other losses of family members.

Sharon was devasted and broke down as she was trying to recover from her immeasurable grief of the death of her nephew. Her brother Patrick also died two years later. She posted on her social media about her brother Patrick Joseph Stone’s sad demise at age 57.

Patrick William Stone
Patrick William Stone brother of Sharon Stone and father of River William Stone. (Source: Instagram)

She was tearful in the post, and her followers tried to support her. The reason behind Patrick’s death was a heart attack. Patrick’s son died about two years back from organ failure. Sharon confirmed that he is the identical brother who lost his child of eleven months.

She showed gratitude towards all the supporters who supported her in grief and thanked everyone for their condolences. She also stated that there were a lot of losses in her family in a few years. Stone wrote Godspeed Patrick Joseph Stone with broken heart emoji and wrote Rest in Peace in another post.

Patrick’s wife, Tasha, shared that her heart felt ripped off her chest. She has not recovered from her son’s loss, and she had to lose her husband. Patrick was the world to her.

patrick stone sharon stone
Sharon Stone with her late brother Patrick William Stone. (Source: Page Six)

She also shared that she is not quite sure how life will be and does not even want to know how it feels to live without her husband. Further, she said he would always be in her heart until they met in heaven, and she would recall all those good memories she had with him.

She believes that her husband is in a good place with their son where ever they are and wishes to have the best time.

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