Abby Choi Parents: Where Are They From? Her Ex-Husband Alex Kwong Arrested

Abby Choi

People want to know about Abby Choi parents following the gruesome death of the model, which her ex-husband and his family orchestrated. Read more to find out the motive behind the murder.

Abby Choi, real name Abby Choi Tin-Fung and Cai Tianfeng for Chinese, was a fashion model, socialite, and social media influencer from Hong Kong.

She was recognized for posing with various luxury brands in settings ranging from London to Paris and Shanghai, as well as on Hong Kong yachts.

Cai recently made headlines after going missing on February 21, 2023. Her body was found in a village house in Tai Po on February 24. She died recently at 28 due to a heinous murder orchestrated by her ex-husband.

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Abby Choi Parents: Where Are They From?

 Tin-Fung was born on July 11, 1994, in Hong Kong. Abby was very private when it came to her parents’ information. She has not revealed any details about her parents’ names or profession.

The fashion model’s parents’ origins are also unknown. Yet, according to some sources, she has two younger sisters. Their names and ages are also undisclosed.

Abby choi parents
Abby Choi in Instagram with the caption ” celiakritharioti COUTURE” ( Source: Instagram )

The family’s personal life shouldn’t be made public following the social media star’s demise. Because it may cause them further emotional distress, they have the right to mourn the death of a family member in peace.

Abby Ex-Husband Alex Kwong Arrested

After hearing the news of Tin-Fung’s abrupt disappearance, the Hong Kong Police Force’s West Kowloon Regional Crime Unit launched an investigation. 

Choi was carrying her ID card, cash, and mobile phone when she went missing. According to reports, Choi went to a school on Kejin Road in Tai Po to pick up her daughter, who was born to her ex-husband.

But Cai Tianfeng never returned. However, her headless body was found in a village house in Tai Po, a suburb of Hong Kong, revealing that she was murdered and mutilated.

A human foot was discovered in a refrigerator in the basement room of a village house. There were suspicions that certain body parts had been cooked, as human tissue was found in a soup pot.

The search for the missing body parts that have not yet been found is currently ongoing by the investigating team. “We are still looking for the head, the body, and the hands,” Kowloon West regional crime section superintendent Alan Chung told reporters on Saturday.

Abby Choi ex-husband Alex
Alex Kwong, Abby Choi’s ex-husband ( Source: CELEBS WEEK)

As the investigation into the socialite’s horrible murder advanced, authorities made numerous necessary arrests, including those of the deceased’s ex-husband’s parents and his older sibling, all suspected of involvement in the crime.

Alex Kwong, Choi’s ex-husband, was arrested at a ferry port on Lantau Island’s northern coast in Hong Kong early Saturday afternoon.

According to The South China Morning Post, he was carrying 500,000 Hong Kong dollars in cash and five designer watches totaling approximately HK$4 million. Authorities suspect he was attempting to escape Hong Kong when he was detained.

Kwong’s parents and 31-year-old brother have since been charged with her murder. The model’s ex-father-in-law is thought to have planned the scheme to murder her over a property worth millions of dollars.

Before her death, Abby and her ex-husband Alex Kwong frequently fought because she believed she was being defrauded of money by him.

Officials suspect the money was a factor in the heinous crime. The inquiry is currently ongoing, so no further information is available. However, it has been guaranteed that the murderers will face harsh punishment for gruesomely murdering an innocent person.

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