Who Are Kristi Howard Parents? Siblings Age And Boyfriend

Kristi Howard

Kristi Howard parents have been the most searched topic on the internet, as her fans are curious to know more about them. This article will provide you with insight on her siblings age and her boyfriend as well.

Kristi Howard is an American influencer and content creator from the United States. She is well known for having a gorgeous and appealing personality.

The social media platform being a huge platform to show creativity and express emotion. She has a sizable fan base on her social media channels.

In addition, social media services have been the most popular for a couple of years, and recently many have been able to raise fame through the platform, and Kristi is one of them.

Moreover, the people on the internet have been loving the social media influencers content, and as her fame increases, many are also curious to learn more about her personal life as well.

Who Are Kristi Howard Parents?

The video creator was born in Atlanta, United States, to a father and mother whose names have not been revealed on the internet yet.

It seems like the internet personality is maintaining her parents privacy, as she has not shared any information regarding their personal lives on her social media platforms yet.

Kristi Howard parents
The internet sensation, Kristi Howard. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, we need to understand that some public personalities do not like sharing their families personal lives on the internet, as the internet can sometimes be a negative platform as some people start attacking the public celebrity’s family as well.

Moreover, the influencer does post about her own life and what she is doing on a day-to-day basis, but she maintains the privacy of her parents.

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Kristi Howard Siblings and Age – Revealed

According to Famous Birthdays, the social media influencer was born on January 11, 1997, in the United States. She is 26 years old as of [2023].

The video creator had an older sister named Cat Howard who was 14 months older than her. Both of them grew up together and seemed to share a close bond with each other.

Unfortunately, the influencer’s sister lost her life on September 25, 2020. As per the reports, her sister died due to drug overdoses.

Kristi Howard
The content creator has expressed her grief on losing her older sister on her social platforms. (Source: YouTube)

In addition, the video content creator has expressed her grief over her loss on her social media platform and has been vocal about the incident as well.

Moreover, the internet sensation also created GoFundMe to honor her sister and help people dealing with addiction. She does not want any other people to suffer from addiction like she has and wants to help people in addiction recovery.

After her own loss, the creator handles the subject of grief in her content as well. On her self-titled YouTube channel, she also publishes vlogs, stories on her everyday activities and mental health, and try-on hauls.

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Kristi Howard Boyfriend – Revealed

As per the sources, the relationship status of the social media content creator is not single any more. She is involved in a romantic relationship with Walt Croy.

However, the influencer has not revealed much about her dating life on the internet yet. She has often posted pictures with her partner on her social media platforms.

Kristi Howard
The influencer has not revealed any details on her relationship with her partner, Walt Corn. (Source: Instagram)

On the internet, there isn’t much information about the content creator’s boyfriend. Thus, what Walt does for a living has not been revealed yet.

Moreover, it seems like the internet sensation wants her followers to know that she is involved in a romantic relationship but has also maintained her partner’s privacy.




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