Is Jully Poca Transgender? Gender Partner Age And Wikipedia Bio

Jully Poca

Jully Poca gained popularity on social media due to her entertaining videos that became viral. To know more about the topic of Jully Poca Transgender read the article below. 

Jully is a well-known internet personality who has made a name for herself in various fields, including gaming, fitness influence, and fighting.

Her claim to fame is largely attributed to her amusing video content, particularly her sketches featuring weightlifting and fitness.

During 2023, Poca’s TikTok account has been primarily dedicated to showcasing her fitness training as well as her readiness for her boxing debut.

Her posts consist of clips in which she can be seen training on punching bags, sparring inside the ring, and conversing with her trainers regarding the upcoming fight.

Despite her content being in Portuguese, she has managed to amass a considerable following worldwide.

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Is Jully Poca Transgender?

The netizens or online users are wondering about the recent topic of Is Jully Poca Transgender? Here are some facts about it.

The netizens might be confused by the social media influencer’s appearance and her masculine side, as she is a boxer as well.

However, the talented fighter has never revealed anything about being transgender on any sites.

Supporters of Jully have left positive remarks on her TikTok videos, expressing their encouragement for her fight with messages.

Jully Poca Transgender
“What you know has no value; Value is in what you do with what you know. ” – Bruce Lee -(Source: Instagram)

Poca has expressed her passion for martial arts across all of her social media accounts.

She has been scheduled to participate in her inaugural boxing match on April 22, 2023, at the O2 Arena, representing Kingpyn Boxing.

Her adversary will be Daniella Hemsley, an OnlyFans model. The two competitors have exchanged verbal jabs in interviews, with Hemslley boldly stating that she will emerge victorious.

Further details about Jully Poca transgender are yet to be revealed as she has been busy with her upcoming event. 

Jully Poca partner and age 

The social media influencer, fighter, and gamer were born in Brazil in 1994, as of 2024, 30 years old. 

The detailed information about her partner is not revealed as of now as she is focused on her fighting career.

Jully Poca
Verified NOW THE PRANK HAS BECOME SERIOUS I’m coming to England THIS IS BRAZIL DAMN (Source: Instagram)

The internet personality and TikTok star might have dated an individual in the past, but she has never revealed her relationship timeline on any sites.

On her Instagram account, she uploads clips and photos of her training and her growth as a boxer and fighter.

Her videos on Instagram are full of positive and encouraging comments, which makes her even stronger and makes her look forward to her career.

Jully Poca’s Wikipedia bio

Jully was born in Brazil, and there is limited information about her. As a result, she has not revealed her parent’s and siblings’ names on social media accounts.

In addition, the social media celebrity has not revealed her parent’s whereabouts or their profession to protect their privacy.

Jully Poca
Verified Zombie apocalypse I am ready (Source: Instagram)

In 2013, she created an Instagram account, and six years later, in 2019, she was granted verification. Her Instagram profile currently has over 1.4 million followers.

In addition to her Instagram presence, she gained popularity on TikTok for her humorous skits, and her videos have received a total of 52.8 million likes and 2.7 million followers.

Furthermore, she collaborated with fellow influencer Paulo Muzy on some of her videos.

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