Christiana Barkley Husband Ilya Hoffman: Married Life And Children

Christiana Barkley husband

Who is Christiana Barkley husband? Find a glimpse into the married life of celebrated NBA legend Charles Barkley’s daughter.

Christiana is the only child of former NBA player Charles Barkley. Also, many know her as the basketball star’s daughter. 

Christiana made a name for herself, beginning a career as a journalist. She earned a Master’s degree in Journalism from Columbia University in 2017.

She was the senior account manager and writing director at the Koppelman Group.

Charles welcomed his daughter with his wife, Maureen Blumhardt, in 1989. Christiana grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona.

At the time, her father was still playing for the Philadelphia 76ers before the former NBA player would find himself in Arizona playing for the Phoenix Suns.

Currently, Christiana is based in New York City, working as a full-time journalist. 

She has worked for Turner Sports as a sales assistant from 2011 to 2014.

As Barkley proves her worth in journalism, fans eagerly await the following chapters of this Columbia University graduate’s inspiring career and marital journey.

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Meet Christiana Barkley Husband, Ilya Hoffman

Charles Barkley’s daughter, Christiana Barkley, 34, tied the knot with her husband, Ilya Hoffman, in March 2021.

Reportedly, Christiana’s husband, Mr. Hoffman, is an experienced software developer based in New York City.

Also, Ilya is the founder of DemandByte, a marketing technology company in New York. 

Christiana Barkley Husband Ilya Hoffman
Christiana Barkley Husband: The journalist is married to a software developer, Ilya Hoffman. (Source: Pinterest)

Her husband, Hoffman, is not a sports fan.

As The New York Times suggested, Christiana Barkley’s husband wasn’t overwhelmed or amazed when he learned her father’s identity.

However, a basketball match brought her and Ilya Hoffman together in the first place.

But he was far more impressed with Barkley than “the guy from Space Jam.”

Perhaps her husband is more dedicated to software development and professional career than sports.

Also, a career in Information Technology needs much more focus than it seems more manageable. 

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Christiana Barkley Married Life Explored

The former NBA player’s daughter, Christiana Barkley, exchanged vows with an entrepreneur in Scottsdale, AZ, in March 2021. Christiana first met Ilya Hoffman during a basketball game.

In an interview, her proud father told her that his daughter’s wedding weekend was “the best weekend of his life.” 

Additionally, Christiana’s parents, Charles and Maureen, danced the night away with the other guests. 

Meet Christiana Barkley Children And Family 

Christiana Barkley and her husband, Ilya Hoffman, welcomed their first child, Henry, in 2022.

Similarly, the married couple is now fulfilling their duties as responsible parents. 

NBA legend Charles Barkley’s daughter resides in New York City with her husband, Ilya, and their only child. 

In a segment on NBA on TNT in 2022, the loving new mother and the tot playfully roasted her father, Charles, saying:

Playing an NBA game with a sprained ankle is no pain compared to childbirth.

I just want to say that a sprained ankle is a spa treatment compared to giving birth to an actual baby. I just wanted to clear that up. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

The daughter added, holding her baby, saying that an NBA game is just 48 minutes and women are in labor for 48 hours.

Christiana Barkley husband kids
Christiana Barkley’s husband: Charles Barkley’s daughter gave birth to a baby in 2022. (Source: YouTube)

Charles addressed in an episode of his podcast with TNT host Ernie Johnson, The Steam Room, that Christiana Mall inspired his daughter’s name in Delaware.

Additionally, Christiana’s family has raised her to become an impressive woman.

However, the beauty has chosen to live a mostly private life away from her famous father’s spotlight.

Currently, she spends most of her days with her newly built family.

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