Who Is Rosmar Tan? Wikipedia Bio Age And Instagram

Who Is Rosmar Tan

“Who is Rosmar Tan?” is a common question asked by many people who are curious about the Filipina entrepreneur and social media sensation.

Rosmar Tan, also known as Rosemarie Penamora Tan, is a Filipina entrepreneur and social media influencer.

She is best known for her  TikTok page where she has suppressed over 15.8 million followers

Tan is the founder and CEO of Rosmar International, a skin, beauty, and cosmetics brand. She also owns her coffee brand.

She has also gained attention on social media for her 7-day money challenge, in which she was able to save almost about $2,000.

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Who Is Rosmar Tan? Wikipedia Bio

Despite being a well-known entrepreneur from the Philippines, Rosmar Tan’s Wikipedia Page has not been created yet.

Rosemarie PeƱamora Tan is a young entrepreneur who has established several businesses including Mysterious Madre Cacao, Rosmar Pet Salon, and Rosmar’s Cage Restaurant.

She has gained immense popularity through her losartan TikTok page. With over 15 million followers, she is known for her content featuring try-on videos and sampling her products.

Rosmar is the founder and CEO of Rosmar International, a successful beauty, skincare, and cosmetics brand that has gained popularity both locally and internationally.

In addition to her beauty brand, she also owns a coffee brand.

Who Is Rosmar Tan
Rosmar Tan looks gorgeous in a red dress (Source: Instagram)

Apart from her professional life, Tan is also a mother to a baby daughter and she frequently posts about her family on her social media posts.

She has collaborated with other successful Filipino entrepreneurs such as Ben Chan.

With her entrepreneurial skills and social media presence, Tan has become a notable figure in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

She is inspiring young entrepreneurs to follow their passion and has a strong following of loyal fans.

What Is Rosmar Tan Age?

Rosmar Tan was born on February 12, 1996, which makes her 27 years old as of 2024.

She was born in the Philippines and is a well-known entrepreneur and social media personality.

In the past, she became a trending topic on social media because of her controversial 7-day money challenge, when she was only 23 years old. 

Many netizens were curious about how she accomplished this feat, and Rosemarie shared some of her business tips in a viral Facebook post.

Who Is Rosmar Tan
Young entrepreneur Rosmar Tan saved large amount of money in just 7 days (Source: Business News Philippines)

Tan established her first business, Mysterious Madre Cacao, at the age of 19 while still studying at the Far Eastern University as a Medical Technology student.

After earning her degree in 2015, Tan decided not to pursue a career related to her course but instead established Rosmar Pet Salon located at Sampaloc, Manila.

Tan’s determination and good relationship with her employees have helped her achieve business success at a young age.

Rosmar Tan Instagram

Rosmar Tan has gained significant attention on social media due to her successful business.

 Her Instagram handle is @rosmar.2021, and she has a massive fan following on Instagram for over 600K followers.

On her Instagram page, Rosmar frequently shares updates on her personal life, including photos and videos of her family and her travels.

She also regularly posts pictures and videos featuring her skincare and beauty products, which are sold under her brand, Rosmar International.

Who Is Rosmar Tan
Rosmar promoting her brand serums on Instagram (Source: Instagram)

Additionally, Rosmar’s Instagram features a large range of fashion and lifestyle content, including stylish outfits, makeup looks, etc.

Her content has been described as bright, colorful, and visually appealing, and her followers often leave positive comments and messages of support.

Overall, Rosmar’s Instagram page is a platform she uses to interact and connect with her followers while promoting her brand, while also showcases her personality and interests.

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