Rajwa Al Saif Family: Parents Khaled Al Saif and Azza Al Sudairi, Siblings

Rajwa Al Saif Family

Rajwa Al-Saif is the wife of Hussein, Crown Prince of Jordan. Read more to know about the Princess Of Jordan Rajwa Al Saif Family and lifestyle.

Al Saif an architect from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the wife of Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan. She got married to Prince Hussein in June 2023 at Zahran Palace.

She has also studied and worked in Los Angeles, earning a degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and gaining experience at an architecture firm.

Upon her marriage to Crown Prince, she holds the title of Her Royal Highness Princess Rajwa Al Hussein.

Her parents are Khalid Al Saif, a businessman, and Azza Al Sudairi. Her mother, Azza, is a first cousin of King Salman of Saudi Arabia.

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Rajwa Al Saif Family

Rajwa Al Saif comes from a well-known family with strong relations with both Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

The Al Sudairi family has deep roots in Saudi Arabian history and significantly influences the country. Her connection to her family adds up to her reputation and status.

With her marriage to Crown Prince Hussein, Rajwa Al Saif’s family now extends their ties to the Jordanian royal family.

Rajwa Al Saif Family
Prince Al Hussein and Princess Rajwa pictures from their wedding day (Source: Instagram)

This marriage strengthened the bond between Saudi Arabia and Jordan and now holds potential for cultural collaboration between the two nations.

Her role includes attending royal house activities and representing the Crown Prince at domestic and international events. She will also be involved in social and charitable projects.

As Rajwa Al Saif prepares to assume her role as the future queen of Jordan, her family background brings a rich heritage that will contribute to her royal responsibilities and her ability to connect with Saudi Arabian and Jordanian communities.

Rajwa Al Saif Parents: Khaled Al Saif and Azza Al Sudairi

Rajwa Al Saif, the future queen of Jordan, is the daughter of Khaled Al Saif and Azza Al Sudairi. Khaled Al Saif is a businessman, while Azza Al Sudairi is a member of the influential Al Sudairi family in Saudi Arabia.

Her mother, Azza Al Sudairi is a first cousin of King Salman of Saudi Arabia, which shows her deep roots in the Saudi royal family.

Through her mother, she now has a connection to one of the most influential women in the history of Saudi Arabia, Hussa bint Ahmed Al Sudairi, known as the “mother of kings.”

Rajwa Al Saif Family
Rajwa with her mother and future in-laws at her Henna Party (Source: Instagram)

Khaled Al Saif, Rajwa’s father, is a businessman, but his professional background and interests are not widely known.

The combination of her father’s background and her mother’s renowned family ties gives her a unique perspective of experiences as she prepares to start a new chapter of life with the Jordanian royal family.

Does Rajwa Al Saif Have Any Siblings?

Rajwa Al-Saif, the Saudi princess who recently married Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, has three older siblings: Faisal, Nayef, and Dana. 

There is limited information available about her siblings. It is known that they grew up together and likely shared experiences, supported each other, and formed a strong bond.

As the daughter of a prominent businessman, she grew up in a privileged environment and has likely enjoyed the support and companionship of her siblings throughout her life.

Rajwa Al Saif Family
Prince Al Hussein and Princess Rajwa’s wedding portrait with all his siblings, cousins, and their spouses (Source: Instagram)

As Rajwa embarks on her new journey, her siblings will likely play a significant role in supporting and standing by her side in her new royal responsibilities.

They may also be involved in official engagements and events, representing the family alongside Rajwa and Crown Prince Hussein.

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