Mike Coy Net Worth 2023 – How Rich Is He? Age Wiki And Partner

Mike Coy

Mike Coy Net Worth has been a topic of curiosity among his fans. Many have wondered how rich the Fast N’ Loud star is. So, here is everything you need to know.

Mike Coy is a painter known for his work on the television show “Fast N’ Loud,” which airs on the Discovery Channel. The show follows the crew of Gas Monkey Garage, an automotive restoration shop in Dallas, Texas. 

Mike Coy began working on cars in 1992 and joined Gas Monkey Garage after being brought in by Richard Rawlings, the owner of the garage.

During his time on the show, Mike Coy was primarily responsible for the painting aspect of the car restorations and customization projects undertaken by Gas Monkey Garage.

He became a valued member of the team after assisting with the painting of two Pontiac Firebirds and continued working with the crew thereafter.

Mike Coy Net Worth 2023 – How Rich Is He?

Mike Coy net worth is estimated to be $1 million dollar, although his exact net worth is not revealed yet. Mike Coy’s career as a painter on the popular show Fast N’ Loud has undoubtedly contributed to his net worth.

Mike Coy Net Worth
Mike Coy with his dog Peach. (Source: Facebook)

The show, which premiered in 2012, follows the crew of Gas Monkey Garage as they restore and customize classic cars. Mike Coy’s talent as a painter has been showcased on the show, and he has become a fan favorite.

In addition to his work on Fast N’ Loud, Mike Coy may have other sources of income that contribute to his net worth. However, there is limited information available about his personal finances.

 His talent as a painter and his work on Fast N’ Loud has undoubtedly played a significant role in his financial success.

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Mike Coy Age – how old is he?

Mike Coy was born on April 30th, 1977, in McKinney, Texas. He is 47 years old as of 2024.

Mike developed a deep passion for cars from a young age. Growing up, he found himself drawn to tinkering with vehicles, fueling his love for all things automotive.

Mike Coy
Old picture of Mike Coy with his mother. (Source: Instagram)

While there isn’t much information available about his family, it is known that his father had a military background, serving his country.

When it comes to his personal life, Mike has maintained a private demeanor, opting not to disclose much about his parents or any potential siblings he may have.

Instead, he chooses to focus on his work and his passion for cars, dedicating his time and expertise to his craft. His passion for cars continues to drive him in pursuing his dreams and creating automotive transformations.

Mike Coy Wiki explored

Mike Coy is a popular TV personality known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel TV show, Fast ‘N’ Loud.  In 1992, Mike Coy started his journey in the automotive industry, working on small projects like many other mechanics.

However, his career took a turn when he was approached by Gas Monkey Garage to paint a Pontiac Firebird. Mike grabbed this opportunity with both hands and joined Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey Crew.

He has been an integral part of the crew for over a decade and has become a familiar face on the Discovery Channel TV series featuring Gas Monkey Garage. 

In 2011, Mike Coy took his passion for cars to the next level by starting his own business, TX Street Rods. Although the current status and location of the business are unknown.

Mike has spent over 29 years working in the automotive field, honing his skills and perfecting his craft.

Mike Coy Partner Revealed

 Mike is currently in a relationship with Costanza Pri from Rimini, Italy. However, there is not much information available about her at the moment. It seems she may have wanted to stay away from the spotlight.

Mike was married to Shanna Hobbs, his longtime girlfriend. But the marriage ended with divorce. The couple has two children together, Madison and Chase.

Mike Coy
Mike Coy with his girlfriend. (Source: Instagram)

Mike often shares photos of his family, especially his children, on social media. However, Shanna is rarely seen on social media and not much is known about her. There is not much information about their relationship after the divorce.

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