Lirik Wife – Who Is Cassie? Kids Relationship Timeline And Real Name

Lirik Wife

An American streamer named Saqib Ali Zahid is better known online as Lirik. With more than 2.9 million followers in 2023, he has one of the largest Twitch audiences.

Zahid is one of 200 influencers sponsored by Discord that receive promotional money from the company.

In 2011, Zahid started broadcasting on Twitch. After DayZ’s release, he shifted from playing World of Warcraft to it. In 2012, he concentrated on regular streaming. Eventually, his audience rose to an average of 20,000–40,000 watchers per stream.

In 2017, Zahid began streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but later stated that the game was “riddled with bugs” and “stale.” Zahid received an invitation to the PUBG Winter Charity Invitational, where $200,000 was going to be given to the top three teams’ chosen charity. He was ranked as the fifth-most successful streamer, with more than $200,000 in subscription income in 2017.

After being banned in 2020 on his day off, he went viral, which helped him gain an impressive fan base and following.

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Lirik Wife – Who Is Cassie?

Although some sources stated that he is married to his girlfriend Cassie, there is no concrete proof. Although The streamer prefers to keep his personal life private, in November 2020 through an Instagram post Lirik said that he has been dating Cassie for a while.

Lirik Wife
Lirik and cassie( Source: Instagram)

The gamer posts the photo in 2020 of the two attending Glitchcon thanking Twitch. “Enjoy it with my SO,” he said.

Due to that post on his social media, it was known that the two were dating. His girlfriend also a German twitch star and the streamer, prefers to keep his relationships private and hasn’t made any public statements about them.

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Lirik Kids Relationship Timeline

Although, The streamer hasn’t said about marriage he sure is a dad of one daughter. On August 21, 2022, he posted a picture of his newborn baby and stated himself as a gamer dad.

There is no information about his past relationship. Liril is a very private person.

One of the uncommon Twitch streamers, Lirik offers a variety of game streams without enabling his webcam. While most of the faceless streamers on Twitch display their digital image, Lirik’s broadcast consists solely of his voice and the computer screen only.

He has a couple of other income streams in addition to his streaming earnings because of his merchandise sales and his sponsorship with Discord.

Lirik Real Name

The majority of his followers are aware of the name behind the online alias Lirik, but for those who are unaware his real name is Saqib Ali Zahid. The video game streamer is earning money while entertaining thousands of viewers, this job is of many’s dreams job those who like playing games.

Lirik’s six month daughter( Source: Instagram)

Saqib loves cats, and you may frequently see Nayna and Nomu, his two cats, on his social media feed. He is active on social media, but he doesn’t share many details about his personal life.

Currently, Lirik has more than 2.9 million Twitch followers, and each five to six-hour daily stream draws an average of 20,000–25,000 viewers. He takes joy in interacting with his Twitter followers about his material, reviewing games, and announcing the ones he’ll be playing.

Additionally, he has an Instagram account. He doesn’t update frequently—his most recent post was in January 2023. He posted an adorable picture of his daughter who is 6 months old.

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