Tricky Vtuber Face Reveal Real Name Age And Wikipedia Bio

Tricky Vtuber

The fans of Tricky Vtuber wonder if she has done a face reveal on her Twitch account or not. This article will discuss her face reveal, real name, age, and Wikipedia bio.

Tricky, popularly known as Trickywii, is a gaming video content creator. Her social media presence on Twitch, an American video live streaming service that specializes in broadcasting video game live streams, including e-sports contests, has made her renowned.

The content creator usually plays video games and shares memes on her Twitch account. She also enjoys having interaction on her live stream.

Moreover, most Twitch users are popular for keeping their identities hidden from the audience, which generates curiosity and allows followers to keep track until their faces are revealed. So, the followers of the Vtuber also wonder if she keeps her identity hidden. Let us find out.

Tricky Vtuber –  Face Reveal

The social media influencer has revealed her face on one of her live stream sessions on Twitch. She had been making videos showing off her real face before introducing her frictional 2D character on July 23, 2021.

However, the video creator had been active on Twitch since July 31, 2017, but her popularity grew after she introduced her frictional character, which is an Egyptian Harpy Dragon. Her 2D avatar has dragon wings, ears, and a tail on a female human avtar.

Tricky Vtuber face reveal
The real face of Tricky Vtuber. (Source: Instagram)

The Twitch video streamer currently has 209k followers on her Twitch account under the user name Trickywi. She has mentioned in her profile that her model art and rig were done by Dyarikku.

Moreover, the artist has created a safe environment on her social media account, where she does not promote any racist, gender, or sexual preference jokes.

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Tricky Vtuber – Real Name And Age 

The real name of the content creator is Nephasis and shortly also called as Nephy. She was born on August 23, 1993 in Louisiana, USA. She is currently 29 years old and earns by earning from the social media as a creator.

The Youtuber has been making vedio contents for more than five years now and has been doing quite well in her field.

Tricky Vtuber
The twitch user who is known for streaming vedio games in her Twitch account. (Source: Instagram)

However, the twitch user is quite personal when it comes to sharing her personal life on her social media platforms.

Moreover, the streamer has been growing her social media platforms and getting recognized by many user in the account and ever her fans likes her for her chaotic and original nature.

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Tricky Vtuber – Wikipedia Bio

Tricky is from Louisiana, USA, and is a video content creator by profession. She live streams games on her Twitch account and posts a lot of content on her other social platforms.

The social media influencer is mostly known for streaming games on her account. She can also sing and play an instrument like the piano. She does have video of her playing the instrument and singing in her YouTube channel under the user name @Trickywi, where she has 479K subscribers as of now.

Tricky Vtuber
The 29 years old vedio content creator Trickywii. (Source: Instagram)

According to Fresh Lives, the video’s creator is Christian and has American nationality. She has an obsession with dragons, mythology, video games, music, and lucid dreaming.

However, there is not much information about the Twitch user on the internet because she has kept her personal life out of the spotlight.

Furthermore, as per the streamer’s Instagram handle, it looks like she likes cosplaying and doing makeup.







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