Vtuber Silvervale Ironmouse Drama: Why Did She Leave VShojo? Real Name And Wiki


Silvervale is a self-reliant virtual YouTuber (VTuver) originating from the United States. The netizens wonder about the recent topic of the Silvervale Ironmouse drama.

Her reputation is built on her kind-hearted and affectionate demeanor, as well as her inclination towards suggestive humor and sexual content.

Her primary objective as a performer is to establish a warm and comfortable social setting that provides a refuge from the challenges of everyday life.

She began her career as an autonomous VTuber in 2019 and later joined VShojo in 2020. However, in April 2023, she parted ways with the organization.

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Vtuber Silvervale Ironmouse Drama: Why Did She Leave VShojo?

The fans of the popular streamer wonder about the Silvervale Ironmouse drama and want to know why she left VShojo.

On April 26, 2023, Ironmouse, a well-known VTuber, revealed her opinions on the departures of Vibae and Silvervale from VShojo during a live stream.

She affirmed that the two content creators opted not to renew their contracts and were not expelled.

Silvervale Ironmouse drama
[VTuber] Silvervale Model Showcase (Source: YouTube)

Ironmouse clarified that streamers would continue to broadcast live on their personal Twitch accounts.

The singer with formal training in classical music declined to offer an opinion or make conjectures about the reasons why Veibae and Silvervale chose not to extend their agreements with the agency located in San Francisco.

Shortly after, the VTuber affirmed that the duo did not complete their tenure, indicating they departed before their contracts ended.

Furthermore, detailed information has not been published regarding the Silvervale Ironmouse drama as of yet.

Vtuber Silvervale real name

The fans of the renowned streamer, Silvervale, want to know her real name. Unfortunately, she has not revealed her real identity as of now.

Silvervale has a reputation for being aggressive and bloodthirsty while playing video games. Still, in real life, she is a reserved and empathetic individual who avoids conflicts and prioritizes the well-being of her loved ones over her own.

Silvervale wants “to stream forever” as VShojo star finds purpose in VTubing (Source: Dexterto)

She is also known for her intelligence, particularly in puzzle games, which she can easily complete with minimal effort.

Although the VTuber has acknowledged that she is a perfectionist and workaholic, she finds taking breaks from various undertakings hard.

Despite her tenderhearted nature, which causes her to scream, jump, and avoid watching horror films, Silver has a love for the horror genre.

Vtuber Silvervale wiki 

She has a very close relationship with her mother, who attends and moderates her streams under the username Mamavale.

VTuber developed an interest in V-Tubing because she was fascinated with technology. She found the concept of a virtual character that mirrored her movements through a tracking mechanism to be exhilarating.

Her interest grew even more when she learned that she could become an anime girl through this technology.

How Silvervale, Konzetsu, and Mamavale became the most popular VTuber family (Source: Dexterto)

In 2019, Silver began her Twitch streaming journey under the name X_Silvervale_X. However, she later changed her username to Silvervale on August 1, 2019, with the second ‘I’ appearing like a lowercase ‘L,’ causing confusion for viewers attempting to locate or raid her channel.

It wasn’t until she became a Twitch partner following her 12-hour birthday stream in 2020 that she acquired the correct spelling of her name.

On other social media platforms, including Twitter, the prominent VTuber and content creator goes by Silvervale.

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