Sophie Craig Wikipedia Age: Husband And Family

Sophie Craig Wikipedia

British actress Sophie Craig has compiled an impressive acting resume with roles in several notable television series over the past few years. Learn about Sophie Craig Wikipedia. 

She is likely best recognized for her parts in the 2022 series The Adventures of Maid Marian, the 2019 drama The Bay, and the 2018 action series Bulletproof. 

Sophie received her big break playing Marian on The Adventures of Maid Marian last year, her most significant role to date. 

Before that key opportunity, she had smaller parts on established shows like The Bay and Bulletproof earlier in her career. 

Her initial minor roles demonstrated her talent and paved the way for her star-making turn as Maid Marian. 

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Sophie Craig Wikipedia and Age

As per sources, the British actress Sophie Craig was born in 1991, as of now 2024, 33 years old.

Although Sophie Craig is famous and has tonnes of fans on her social media handle,  Sophie Craig Wikipedia page is not featured yet.

Sophie Craig is a highly successful English television actress born in the United Kingdom. As of June 2023, her estimated net worth was around $5 million.

Sophie Craig Wikipedia
                                                                   Sophie Craig on her Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

Besides being a contemporary of fellow 1991-born actress Julianna Rosa Mauriello, Sophie is one of the most prominent and wealthiest TV stars from her generation in the UK.

In addition to acting, she has worked as a model, host, and presenter, including her show and Keep It Country TV.

Now 32, Sophie has become an acclaimed and prosperous actress and TV personality in her homeland.

Also, her various endeavors in the entertainment industry have allowed her to accrue an impressively high multi-million-dollar net worth.

Sophie Craig husband, George Cowin,

It is publicly known that Sophie Craig, the British actress, married her husband, George Cowin, on May 31, 2018.

However, it is currently unclear if the two are still together as a married couple or have separated.

While their 2018 marriage is documented, Sophie has not provided any updates on the current status of her and George’s relationship since then.

Sophie Craig Wikipedia
The British actress Sophie Craig married her husband, George Cowin, on May 31, 2018. (Source: Instagram)

Also, no definitive confirmation in the media from Sophie or other sources indicates whether she and George Cowin are still married today.

Unlike many famous actors and actresses, Sophie keeps her personal life private and does not publicly share details about her relationships or marital status.

While some celebrities are open about their dating lives and partners, Sophie has chosen to remain very discreet regarding her romantic affairs and whether she has had a significant other recently.

Also, she seems to intentionally maintain a clear separation between her public, professional persona and her intimate romantic world.

Unless Sophie decides to share personal details, the specifics surrounding her love life remain protected by her discretion.

Sophie Craig’s family

As mentioned previously, Sophie Craig heavily protects details about her personal life.

However, she has shared on Instagram that her father sadly passed away in 2020.

Sophie disclosed her late father’s birthday was January 29 to honor his memory online.

Sophie Craig Wikipedia
Sophie Craig father used to celebrate his birthday on January 29 (Source: Instagram)

Beyond this, any additional information about her other family members remains private.

While tight-lipped about family details, Sophie has revealed she is a devoted pet lover who enjoys spending free time with her dog.

Small glimpses like this provide insight into her interests and home life without divulging too much.

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