Where Is Quad Webb Ex Husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford? Divorce

Quad Webb ex husband

Quad Webb ex husband is Dr. Gregory Lunceford, who defines himself as a devout individual who holds strong faith and is a committed physician.

Webb’s career has primarily revolved around the entertainment industry, where she has made a name for herself as an actress and a producer.

She has left her mark in film and television, gaining recognition for her roles in various productions.

Notably, some of her significant works include her appearances in the films “My First Love” in 2015, “Battle Ready” in 2020, and her involvement in the TV series “Married to Medicine,” which began in 2013.

Through her talents and contributions to the entertainment world, Quad has carved out a noteworthy presence in the industry.

In addition to her television career and her role as a medical sales representative, Webb frequently discusses her enthusiasm for cooking.

During her childhood, her mother imparted various recipes to her, and as she grew older, her love for food remained a constant part of her life.

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Where Is Quad Webb Ex Husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford?

People online are eager to discover what activities and life choices Quad and Gregory have made since their split.

They are interested in gaining insights into how the two individuals are moving forward independently and what new paths they might be exploring after parting ways.

Quad Webb’s ex-husband remains somewhat enigmatic, with limited information about him following their divorce.

Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s Instagram account, however, provides some insights into his current life.

Quad Webb ex husband
                             An image of Dr. Gregory with his beloved family on Halloween (Source: Instagram)

His posts indicate that he values spending quality time with his family and close ones, emphasizing his strong connection with them.

Recent updates on his Instagram account further reveal that he has been enjoying outdoor activities, possibly to bond with his loved ones and create cherished memories.

Additionally, Lunceford appears to have a particular fondness for playing golf, a passion he shares with his friends and family as they hang out together.

Given Dr. Gregory’s tendency to keep his personal life private, there is a fair amount of speculation among internet users regarding his priorities.

Many assume that he places a significant emphasis on his professional career due to the lack of information about his personal life.

Quad Webb’s divorce With Husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford

The couple attempted to address Dr. Gregory’s emotional detachment several times on camera during the first six seasons of “Married to Medicine.”

However, Dr. Gregory, a psychiatrist, consistently left the conversations abruptly. In moments of anger, Quad confessed to blocking his phone number.

Additionally, she was dissatisfied with his lack of support for her ambitions, especially when she aspired to create a line of clothing for dogs.

One significant source of discord was their differing views on starting a family: Dr. Gregory was ready for children, while Quad was not.

Quad Webb ex husband
                                                     The beautiful image of Quad Webb on Christmas (Source: Instagram)

Eventually, their marriage came to an end in 2018, primarily due to allegations of Gregory’s infidelity.

During the Season 6 Married to Medicine reunion, Dr. Gregory did admit to going to a hotel room with a woman in the company of a friend but asserted that nothing inappropriate occurred.

However, the woman in question, Jackie Presley, presented a different account, claiming that he had told her he wasn’t married and they engaged in oral sex, which Dr. Gregory denied.

Jackie also reached out to Quad through a direct message (DM) to share her version of events once she realized he had participated in a reality show.

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