Kurt Browning New Wife Alissa Czisny: Marriage Photo And Children

Kurt Browning new wife

Kurt Browning new wife, Alissa Czisny, is a retired American figure skater who used to compete professionally. They got married in 2022, August 11. 

Canadian figure skating legend Kurt Browning is considered one of the all-time greats in the sport.

Over his illustrious career, Browning became a four-time World Champion, the first skater to land a ratified quadruple jump in competition, and a multi-time Canadian national title holder.

His groundbreaking achievements on the ice led him to receive numerous accolades and honors, including the Lou Marsh Trophy for Top Canadian Athlete, back-to-back Lionel Conacher Awards in 1990 and 1991, and the Professional Skater of the Year Award in 1998.

Beyond competing, Browning has served as a choreographer, commentator, and ambassador for figure skating.

He became a Member of the Order of Canada in 1989 and has been inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, Skate Canada’s Hall of Fame, and Canada’s Walk of Fame.

In 2020, Browning was presented with the inaugural ISU Skating Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his lasting impact on the sport.

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Kurt Browning New Wife, Alissa Czisny,

Kurt Browning’s new wife, Alissa Czisny, is a decorated American figure skater known for her supreme spinning abilities and clockwise jumping technique, which are unique in the sport.

Over her competitive career, Czisny won the 2010 Grand Prix Final, two Skate Canada titles, the 2011 Skate America event, and two U.S. national championships.

Even after retiring from competition in 2014 due to multiple hip surgeries, Czisny continued to skate professionally, winning the U.S. Professional Open in 2019 and 2021.

Kurt Browning new wife
                                                            Kurt and Alissa dated each other before marrying each other (Source: Instagram)

Beyond the records and accolades achieved on the ice, Czisny is admired for bringing artistry and creativity to her performances.

She attributes her exceptional spins to the hours spent practicing variations with her sister when they were young.

Now retired from competitive skating, Czisny continues to skate in shows and works as a coach, passing on her skills and love of the sport to the next generation.

Kurt Browning’s marriage photo

Having been in a relationship for numerous years, Kurt and Alissa celebrated their marriage on August 11, 2022, by sharing a heartwarming image.

The couple adorned themselves in matching white attire, with Alissa in an elegant white gown and Kurt in a stylish white coat.

The photograph captures the joyous and beaming expressions on the faces of both Kurt and Alissa, showcasing their happiness on this special occasion.

Kurt Browning new wife
                                                                   A breath-taking picture of Kurt and his wife Alissa (Source: Instagram)

Kurt and Alissa received warm congratulations from their affectionate fans from various locations.

@Harout Hagopian skillfully took the photograph, capturing the couple’s joy.

Additionally, Kurt expressed his gratitude to the photographer, acknowledging and appreciating the beautiful images taken of him and his newlywed wife.

Kurt Browning children

He married Sonia Rodriguez, the principal dancer at the National Ballet of Canada, on June 30, 1996.

Their family expanded with the arrival of their first son, Gabriel, born on July 12, 2003, followed by their second son, Dillon, on August 14, 2007. Unfortunately, they have since gone through a divorce.

Currently, no verified information indicates that Alissa and Kurt are anticipating the arrival of a child together.

However, there is speculation that the couple may become parents, although no official sources have confirmed this.

Kurt and Alissa are prioritizing their professional endeavors over starting a family, emphasizing career development.

Their fans eagerly anticipate any future announcements about the couple welcoming children, as the possibility remains open for Kurt and Alissa to become parents.

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