Jim High Wife – Is He Married? Dating History And Family Details

Jim High

Jim High Wife is one of the most searched topics on the internet lately, so here are some pieces of information about Jim High, his beloved wife, and his dating history.

Jim is an English actor who landed his first significant television role as Mi6 agent Andrew Woodworth in the Fox pilot Masterwork, co-starring with Natalie Dormer. 

At that time, he co-founded his own theatre company, Blood, Love, and Rhetoric, where he wrote, directed, and acted in approximately 30 plays over a decade.

Among his notable roles were Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Mick in The Caretaker, Torbald in Doll’s House, and Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby.

In addition to acting, he directed works by Chekhov, Pjnter, and Buchner, including an original musical adaptation of Wojzceck and Zurich Plays: A Dada History of Dada, performed in Dada.

He is also known for founding the Blood, Love, and Rhetoric Comedy Show, which has achieved international recognition as one of the top comedy shows in Europe.

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Jim High Wife – Is He Married?

The netizens wonder about Jim High wife and further details regarding his relationship timelines.

Unlike other well-known celebrities, an English actor keeps his personal information to himself; as a result, there is no significant proof of him being married.

The entertainer has not shared any information regarding Jim High wife or his martial status as of yet, and as soon as there are any updates on his martial status, we will be the initial informants. So look out!

Jim High wife
Why Sergeant Yure From Shadow And Bone Looks So Familiar (Source: Looper)

He has played memorable characters in both movies and television shows, including Fergus in Carnival Row, Templar Knight Ulric in Knighfall, and the soldier in the original Snowpiercer movie by Joon Ho Bong.

He also portrayed Sgt. Yure Teplov in Shadow and Bone. In 2022, the actor had multiple projects set to release, such as his portrayal of George Thompson in the highly anticipated film Chevalier.

He also appears as Mi6 Agent Robert Thompson in the powerful drama series Last Night, alongside Matthew Fox and Joanne Froggart, and as the demon Mammon in the horror feature film Devil.

Jim High dating history

The netizens speculate that the co-founder of the Blood, Love, and Rhetoric Comedy Show might have dated an individual in the past.

However, the actor playing Fergus in Carnival Row has not revealed anything related to his dating history as of now.


Jim High
Jim High Actor: Carnival Row, Snowpiercer, Shadow and Bone, Knightfall (Source: Reel 2 Reel Talk)

High keeps himself out of the media spotlight to protect his personal choices and privacy; as a result, he has not been involved in media controversies as of today.

Even though he has been portrayed in several movies and television shows, Jim has fewer followers on his social media platforms, including Instagram.

The founder of the theatre company, Blood, Love, and Rhetoric, is not actively engaged in uploading photos and clips on his social media accounts.

Jim High family details 

As per Jim’s IMDb details, he was born and raised on the Isle of Wight in England to Rosemary, a nurse, and Jeremy, a biology teacher and headmaster.

After completing his schooling, he spent a year teaching in Kenya before attending Exeter University, where he studied ancient history and archaeology.

Jim High
Jim splits his time between Prague and London. (Source: IMDb)

While in university, an English actor performed stand-up comedy in local clubs and wrote sketch comedy.

After graduation, he moved to London, where he worked in various jobs, such as as a researcher in the BBC History department and an assistant at Tiger Aspect.

Later, he relocated to Prague and quickly became involved in the local theatre community. Initially, he did any job available and eventually started landing international commercial castings.

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