Bailey Zappe Brother Trent Zappe Age Gap And Sister: How Many Siblings?

Bailey Zappe brother

Bailey Zappe brother, Trent Zappe, is also a rising athlete, like his brother Bailey, who plays as a quarterback for the New England Patriots in the NFL.

Initially, Bailey played three college football seasons at Houston Baptist University and then used his last year of eligibility at Western Kentucky University.

During his time at Western Kentucky, he set records for the most passing yards and passing touchdowns in a season in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The Patriots picked Zappe in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

In his first year at Houston Baptist, Zappe played nine games, throwing for 1,548 yards with five touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

In his second year as a redshirt sophomore, he completed 357 out of 560 passes for 3,811 yards, with 35 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

In his redshirt junior year, the football season was shortened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and he played four games, passing for 1,833 yards and 15 touchdowns with only one interception. After that season, Zappe entered the transfer portal.

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Bailey Zappe Brother Trent Zappe age gap 

Bailey, an accomplished athlete, was born on 2024, 24 years old. 

However, Bailey Zappe’s brother Trent’s age is unknown, so no details about their age gap are known.

Unlike other well-known athletes, Zappe prefers to maintain his brother Trent’s private life outreach from the media.

Bailey Zappe brother
                                                             Bailey’s brother Trent went to Victoria East High School (Source: Facebook)

While Bailey maintains an active presence on Instagram, it’s interesting that he hasn’t tagged his brother in any of his posts or videos.

On the other hand, Trent Zappe has a Facebook profile where he shares details about his educational history, mentioning that he attended Victoria East High School.

According to Trent’s Facebook information, he resides in Victoria, Texas. However, it’s worth mentioning that there haven’t been any new photo uploads on his profile since September 7, 2021.

Furthermore, our speculation suggests that Trent is putting in dedicated efforts to succeed in the sports arena, much like his accomplished brother, Bailey.

Bailey Zappe sister: Does He Have Any?

Even though Bailey has openly acknowledged having a brother named Trent, no information indicates he has any sisters.

Despite being an American footballer, Bailey has kept details about a potential sister under wraps.

Moreover, it’s conceivable that he may have other sisters who aren’t biologically related to him.

Bailey is known for being a private individual, particularly regarding his family background, and he refrains from sharing much information to safeguard their privacy.

Furthermore, this reserved nature adds an air of mystery to his personal life, leaving fans and the public to respect his desire for confidentiality.

Bailey Zappe spouse

American football player Bailey Michael Zappe, also known as ZAP-ee, is not married.

However, he has been romantically involved with Hannah Lewis for six years.

The couple has chosen to express and celebrate their enduring love through various images and videos shared on social media, providing a glimpse into their strong bond.

Bailey Zappe brother
                                   An image of American footballer Bailey and his long-term girlfriend Hannah Lewis (Source: Instagram)

Hannah also actively uses Instagram, where she has posted pictures featuring Bailey alongside her parents.

While Bailey and Hannah haven’t officially tied the knot yet, there is an anticipation and expectation among followers that this affectionate couple may choose to exchange vows and embark on the journey of marriage in the future.

Furthermore, their shared moments on social media platforms reflect a deep connection, prompting speculation about potential future commitments.

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