Kori Garza Husband Seybald Pierrick: Married Life And Kids

Kori Garza husband

Seybald Pierrick, Kori Garza husband is a shark biologist, and together, they explore the waters of French Polynesia, spreading awareness about marine conservation.

Kori Garza, who is based in French Polynesia, is a marine biologist, shark diver, wildlife conservationist, UW photographer, and blogger.

The conservationist is the operator of Ladyshark Expeditions and co-founder of the Mao Mana Foundation.

She has also been featured on Discovery and Nat Geo Wild.

During Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” in 2014, she gained recognition and appeared in an episode that focused on the predatory shark species of Hawaii. 

The shark diver joined the One Ocean Diving/Water Inspired team, where she participated in surveys to study sharks in open waters.

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Kori Garza Husband Seybald Pierrick

Garza is married to Pierrick Seybald, a shark biologist who owns a marine tour agency called Moorea Moana Tours in French Polynesia.

They both have a strong love for the ocean and its wildlife, especially sharks.

Seybald is well-known for his work on TV shows like “World’s Biggest Tiger Shark” and “Oceans Shepherds,” where he worked together with his wife.

Together, they make a powerful team in the field of marine conservation.

The couple even created the Ma’o Mana Foundation in 2019 in an effort to study and protect the sharks of French Polynesia.

The foundation’s main purpose is to protect sharks in French Polynesia and be their voice.

Kori Garza Husband
Kori Garza and her husband share a shared love for marine life. (Source: Instagram)

She brings her knowledge and expertise to shark conservation as a marine biologist.

And Pierrick’s experience as a local spearo helps them understand the waters in the area better.

Their ultimate aim is to protect the marine environment and its diverse marine life.

Kori Garza Married Life

The couple, Kori and Pierrick, have a strong love for the ocean and its wildlife, particularly sharks.

The marine tour agency owner’s connection to the underwater world started when he was young, inspired by his father’s love for diving.

On the other hand, she discovered her love for the ocean later in life.

Together, they have formed a close bond that combines the biologist’s extensive knowledge with the blogger’s unique approach to interacting with sharks.

Kori Garza Husband
Kori Garza is the co-founder of the Mao Mana Foundation. (Source: Instagram)

They are united in their goal to make a lasting difference in shark conservation and the overall well-being of the marine environment.

As a  couple, they demonstrate the power of working together and being dedicated to preserving the marine world.

Their efforts in shark conservation show their strong commitment to protecting the waters and marine life in French Polynesia.

Kori Garza Kids Details

Kori and Pierrick, the passionate advocates for ocean conservation, are proud parents to their son, Temano, born on November 5, 2021.

The photographer’s husband happily shared the news on Instagram, expressing their love for their new baby boy.

He wrote, “We present our new baby boy Temano. Mummy @kokocuvier and me are already totally in love. Another future ocean defender”

The blogger often posts pictures on Instagram of herself and her son enjoying time in the ocean, watching the amazing sharks.

The photos show mother and son’s strong connection and love and their shared passion for the underwater world.

Kori Garza husband
Kori Garza’s husband announced the birth of their son via Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

The photographer celebrated her motherhood with ocean-themed pictures, showcasing her connection to the sea and its creatures.

Their adventures aim to inspire and educate younger generations on ocean conservation and marine life’s importance.

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