Antiques Roadshow: Lisa Lloyd Wikipedia Age Family And Net Worth

Lisa Lloyd wikipedia and age

A few people have searched Lisa Lloyd Wikipedia and her age as she is a known antiques expert. Lloyd is a dealer and former auction house specialist.

Lloyd is also a TV personality working for BBC. Similarly, the experienced antique specialist specializes as an auctioneer. The woman is skillful at work and passionate about her career. 

Lisa Lloyd earned decent fame working for BBC’s broadcast, Antiques Roadshow. She became spotlighted for being loyal to the network.

She has many years of experience as director of Rosebery’s in south London. She served there for over 16 years.

However, working in a television reality series, mainly among a niche audience, may not boost her star power, so she isn’t a notable celebrity worldwide.

Fortunately, the Antiques Roadshow cast member isn’t much invested in the glamorous limelight.

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Antiques Roadshow: Lisa Lloyd Wikipedia And Age

BBC’s Antiques Roadshow star Lisa Lloyd is a skilled team member. She is an experienced antique specialist specializing as an auctioneer. 

As mentioned by BBC, she has experience working in the antique world for 30 years. Similarly, her background as a director of Rosebery’s in south London excelled her career.

Experienced antique specialist Lloyd is passionate about auctions. The famous BBC series covering the antique items genre uses the television personality’s talents. 

It is always comforting to see women do good in what they love doing the most.

Similarly, Lloyd chose the career path she was passionate about. She now serves as a critical BBC Antiques Roadshow cast. 

Lisa Lloyd wikipedia
Lisa Lloyd showcases one of the antique items. (Source: Daily Express)

Similarly, Lloyd owns Hand of Glory Antiques in Wiltshire. She has a good relationship with her husband, Marc Allum, and they are business partners in their first antique shop ventures. 

Most readers might be unaware of the BBC series Antiques Roadshow.

Describing in brief, the famous British television program broadcasts antique appraisers’ travel to various regions of the United Kingdom.

According to BBC’s official website, Lloyd’s love for work led to her auction career. Unfortunately, the television website and the woman have not revealed her age.

But, glancing at her social media posts, she looks like she is in her early 50s. The skillful woman in her early 50s has invested much in the BBC show, marking excellent achievements

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Lisa Lloyd Family

Antiques Roadshow star Lisa Lloyd tied the knot with her husband, Marc Allum and began a sweet family.

Lloyd’s husband, Allum, is also her business partner; people follow the couple for their work.

The two lives in an impressive antiques-filled home, alive with finds spanning the eras.

Generally, the tightly-knit family shares their cute moments in the television program.

Lisa Lloyd Net Worth

Needless to say, Lisa Lloyd has marked excellence working for the BBC program Antiques Roadshow.

Unfortunately, the TV personality has yet to reveal her net worth, but seeing her work experience, she might receive a decent paycheque for her job. 

According to some online sources, including ZGR, Lisa Lloyd’s net worth is estimated at $8 million. However, the figure seems doubtful as it is not confirmed.

Lisa Lloyd net worth
Lisa Lloyd opened a new gift shop. (Source: Yahoo Sport UK)

Similarly, the TV personality has gained huge attention from the visitors to her gift shop. Perhaps, her fortune figures are growing at full tilt with her new-found fame.

She is passionate about her work and delivers her skills. Similarly, Lloyd is one of those people who stays ready to smash the door down with all her energy when life gives fewer opportunities.

Lisa Lloyd’s auctioning credibility deserves her fame and fortune, and her working passion delivers her skills, fitting the show’s standards. 

She has cemented her way into the television industry from Antiques Roadshow.

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