Who Is Alana Lliteras Novio Sebas Villalobos? Relationship Status

Alana Lliteras Novio

The gorgeous Top Chef VIP 2 competitor Alana Lliteras novio information has piqued the curiosity of internet users. Let’s see whether she’s already taken or is still available.

Alana Lliteras is a young Mexican chef who rose to prominence after winning the 2016 season of Master Chef Junior in Mexico.

The native of Mérida, Yucatán, became well-known for her unique Mexican-inspired cuisine.

Currently, she is competing on the cooking reality program Top Chef VIP 2 on Telemundo, which premieres at 7 p.m. Eastern time.

Lliteras has established herself as one of the most competitive contestants.

Interestingly, skilled Lliteras became the first semifinalist of the second season of Top Chef. She is getting close to victory in the popular Telemundo cooking competition.

Alana, who has distinguished herself in reality for her creativity and advanced methods, discovered a fantastic companion in the competition: Colombian influencer Sebastian Villalobos.

Similarly, she has formed a very special connection both inside and outside the most demanding kitchen on Hispanic television.

Following their closeness the fans of the show are wondering if Alana Lliteras novio is Sebas. Continue reading for additional details.

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Who Is Alana Lliteras Novio Sebas Villalobos? 

Alana Lliteras novio Sebastian Villalobos recently revealed to the camera of Hoy Dia thus clearing up the doubt about their romance.

The chapter gave them a chance to talk about their connection and participation in Top Chef VIP 2.

Alana Lliteras novio Sebastian Villalobos, who goes by his nickname Sebas is also a recognizable personality.

He is a Colombian YouTuber, actor, singer, and model.

Even at Nat Geo Kids Latin America, he served as the host of Nat Geo Lab.

With a pink camera his mother had lensed for him, he began uploading films to YouTube when he was 15 years old.

After finishing his studies, he moved to Mexico City, where he joined a bunch of Colombian YouTubers.

Alana Lliteras Novio
Alana Lliteras and Sebas Villalobos have captivated the audience with their displays of affection in public. (Image source: Instagram)

While staying in Mexico, he formed ties with several firms, and Lina Caceres from Latin World Entertainment approached him about furthering his multiplatform artist career.

At the time of writing, his YouTube account has over 6 million followers and 199 videos.

Aside from that, Sebas has a large fan base on his verified Instagram, where he is active as @sebas. So far, he has amassed over 10.8 million followers, which is astounding.

Alana Lliteras and Sebas Villalobos Relationship

The new season of Top Chef VIP has left us with more than just culinary inspirations on the screen.

Since Alana Lliteras and Sebastian Villalobos came out as a couple from the kitchen, the reality program has been seasoned with romance.

Although the cooking competition is coming to an end, the pair will remain close since they are working on a project together that will soon be released.

This was disclosed by the Top Chef VIP semifinalist in a recent Instagram live show.

According to her, there is a really fascinating initiative that she cannot disclose much information about, but the project is coming with Sebas.

Alana Lliteras Novio
Alana Lliteras and Sebastian Villalobos came out as a couple from the kitchen. (Image source: Instagram)

Alana didn’t want to divulge any more details regarding the project because Novio had advised her not to. She did, however, clarify that it is connected to cooking.

She also mentioned that it is not a restaurant but rather a joint initiative, including cooking.

The signs appear to be more than clear because their chemistry is seen not only in the kitchen but also on social media, where they upload incredibly personal and affectionate videos.

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