Kiefer Ravena New Girlfriend Kholeen Ortiz Photos 2023

Keifer Ravena Scandal

Who is the rumored Kiefer Ravena New girlfriend, Kholeen Ortiz? Are they indeed in a romantic relationship, or are they merely acquaintances? Find out.

Kiefer Isaac Crisologo Ravena, a prominent Filipino professional basketball talent, currently shines as a point guard for the Shiga Lakes in the competitive B2 League.

Born into a Philippine basketball family, he began his career with the Ateneo Blue Eagles during his college years at the UAAP.

His exceptional skills and undeniable talent were cultivated during a stellar high school career at Ateneo de Manila High School, where he garnered numerous accolades.

Kiefer Ravena has etched his name as a true basketball icon in the Philippines thanks to a remarkable list of achievements.

These accomplishments span junior and senior divisions, encompassing UAAP championships, MVP titles, and international success with Gilas Pilipinas.

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Kiefer Ravena New Girlfriend Kholeen Ortiz photos in 2023

Kiefer Ravena, a basketball sensation from the Philippines, captured the attention of fans and media in June 2023.

This attention came with the revelation of his rumored new girlfriend, Kholeen Ortiz, a flight attendant.

Their budding alleged romance became a hot topic when the basketballer reposted Instagram Stories featuring their moments together.

Keifer Ravena New Girlfriend
On June 24, the basketball player reposted Kholeen Ortiz’s Instagram Stories, who is said to be his new girlfriend. (Source: cosmo)

These images showed their affectionate relationship, hinting at their journey as a couple.

Notably, one of the photos showcased the pair relishing an elegant meal at a hotel, while another depicted the athlete with his arm lovingly draped around Kholeen.

Kholeen’s Instagram Story caption, “Date night,” subtly confirmed their blossoming love.

Nevertheless, Kiefer had previously refuted these rumors by stating that he was not in a relationship with anyone.

Kiefer Ravena Ex-girlfriend Alyssa Valdez

Before the rumored romantic involvement between Kiefer Ravena and Kholeen Ortiz, he was in a well-publicized relationship with Alyssa Valdez, a prominent volleyball athlete in the Philippines.

Their six-year-long partnership was a subject of immense public interest and admiration.

In May 2022, their relationship ended, and Valdez’s talent agency officially confirmed the news.

The announcement was reposted by Gretchen Ho, a former volleyball player turned reporter, adding credibility to the news of their separation.

This breakup marked a significant event in Filipino sports and entertainment.

Kiefer Ravena New Girlfriend
Kiefer Ravena and his former girlfriend, Alyssa Valdez, parted ways amicably. (Source: pep)

Rumors of infidelity accompanied the breakup between Ravena and Valdez.

However, their talent agency’s statement explicitly stated that no third party was involved in their separation.

Despite their breakup’s challenges and uncertainties, Ravena and Valdez emphasized two key points.

First, they stressed their mutual agreement to part ways amicably. Second, they highlighted their respect for each other’s decisions.

Kiefer Ravena Relationship Allegations and Rumors

The prominent Philippine sports and entertainment figure has often been in the spotlight due to his high-profile relationships.

In August 2022, he addressed dating rumors on social media, clarifying that he was not dating anyone then and expressing the hurt caused by false rumors. 

The basketball athlete acknowledged past mistakes and stressed the importance of learning from those experiences.

He also called for kindness and respect in online interactions, emphasizing the negativity that had marred recent days and the need to halt the spread of rumors and misinformation.

Kiefer Ravena Scandal
This picture of Kiefer Ravena and Kholeen Ortiz started their dating rumors. (Source: cosmo)

Ravena’s commitment to avoiding harm to his loved ones and others inadvertently involved in the issue was evident.

Alyssa Valdez, the player’s former partner, also shared a message of positivity, expressing a desire to appreciate life and move forward with peace and love.

The athlete and Valdez highlighted the importance of leaving the past behind and focusing on a brighter future, encouraging empathy and understanding in online interactions.

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