Andrew Cotton Wife Katie Cotton Wikipedia Bio Age And Children

Andrew Cotton

Andrew, a highly regarded big wave surfer worldwide, engages in training and competition across various locations globally. People wonder about Andrew’s wife Katie Cotton Wikipedia details.

Growing up in North Devon, Andrew pursued work within the local surfing industry to enable him to surf extensively. 

Driven by his love for the sport and ambition to ride larger waves, he traveled to different parts of the world, including Fiji, Australia, and Hawaii, for surfing purposes.

Cotton achieved a historical milestone in 2011 when he towed McNamara Garrett to ride a wave measuring 78 feet, cementing his strong connection with Nazare.

The incident gained national and global media attention, effectively placing Great Britain on the surfing map.

Andrew himself has ridden numerous big waves, and there have been rumors in the press that he might have unofficially broken McNamara’s record.

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Andrew Cotton Wife Katie Cotton Wikipedia Bio

Andrew’s wife Katie Cotton wikipedia bio is being searched as she is married to one of the most renowned surfers in the globe.

Katie, who is the wife of the surfer, has responded to the negative comments, defending her husband’s passion for surfing and expressing her admiration for his accomplishments.

She acknowledged that witnessing her husband’s feat evokes various emotions within her.

Katie Cotton Wikipedia
Devon surfer Andrew Cotton rides into record books (Source: The Museum of British Surfing)

In addition to her role as a mother, she is a fervent singer and works as a singing instructor.

Cotton has authored a blog post entitled ‘ Living Beyond the Norm: What It’s Like Being the Family of a Big Wave Surfer’, which can be accessed on the Huffington Post’s website.

On the website, she is described as a mother of two, a world traveler, and the spouse of a big wave surfer.

Further detailed information about Andrew’s wife Katie Cotton wikipedia details not revealed.

Andrew Cotton age 

The big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton was born in 1982, as of 2024, 41 years old.

In 2016, he took part in a Red Bull Irish big wave project, which was captured in a documentary film called ‘Beneath the Surface’.

The documentary showcased his journey in search of a colossal wave off the west coast of Ireland.

Despite suffering a severe back injury from a wipeout in 2018, Cotton made a remarkable comeback in 2019–20.

Andrew Cotton
Andrew Cotton: “It was painful, but it did not traumatize me” (Source: Surftotal)

After competing at an elite level, he received an invitation to a World Big Wave Tour event.

Expressing his long-standing admiration for the brand, Andrew stated, ‘I have been a fan of Saltrock since my early days of learning to surf’. ‘ It’s a thrill to now be a part of the Saltrock team’.

Andrew has rejoined a group of accomplished athletes who serve as brand ambassadors, including prominent rider Andrei Burton.

Andrew Cotton children

Residing in North Devon with his wife Katie, Andrew Cotton is a devoted father to his two children, Honey and Ace.

Andrew’s profession does influence his daily routine, given that he shares two children with Katie: Honey Cotton, who might be in his teens, and Ace Cotton, who might be ten years old as of 2023.

The television personality’s journey is quite remarkable, as he grew up in the South West of England, where he could only experience big waves through surf magazines or films.

Andrew Cotton
British surfer who doesn’t want to be remembered as ‘the guy that broke his back (Source: The Mirror)

He swiftly realized his inclination towards formidable waves and enjoyed surfing the largest swells that the South West UK could offer.

After finishing school, Cotton began working in the local surf industry, which enabled him to surf as much as he desired.

In no time, he was taking on 20-foot waves at Waimea and feeling strangely at ease in challenging oceanic conditions.

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