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Kenji Vtuber

If you are a fan of horror games and funny reactions, you might have heard of Kenji, a popular independent VTuber who streams on Twitch and uploads clips on YouTube. But who is Kenji behind the virtual avatar? Many fans were surprised after Kenji Vtuber Face Reveal.

Kenji Sun is an independent American VTuber who streams on Twitch and uploads clips and highlights on YouTube.

He is known for his hilarious reactions to horror games, such as Poppy Playtime, which are his most viewed videos. He also plays other games like VRChat and Roblox and sometimes does art streams.

Kenji has a cute and fluffy design, with brown hair, blue eyes, cat ears, and a tail. His illustrator is Hauluciel, and his rigger is 2wintails.

Kenji Vtuber Face Reveal

Kenji is one of the most popular Vtubers in the world, with millions of fans who love his witty and charming personality. He is known for his gaming skills, his hilarious commentary, and his mysterious identity.

He never shows his face on camera and only uses a digital avatar to interact with his audience.

Kenji Vtuber Face Reveal
Kenji Vtuber face reveal left many fans surprised. (Source: Twitter)

But that all changed in April, when Kenji decided to do a face reveal for his loyal supporters. He dropped a clip on Twitter revealing his face causing a frenzy among his fans.

Many of his fans were shocked by his face reveal. However, the reaction of the fans was positive and many of his fans joked about his avatar of brown hair and blue eyes being completely opposite of his real face.

Kenji is one of the most popular and talented male Vtubers in the US, and he deserves all the love and support he gets from his fans.

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Kenji Vtuber real name revealed

Kenji’s real name is Kenji Sun, as revealed by his Twitter handle @SunKenjiVT. He is an American VTuber based in Los Angeles, California. He joined Twitter in October 2020 and Twitch in November 2020.

He has over 138K followers on Twitter and over 200K followers on Twitch as of May 2023. He also has a YouTube channel with over 100K subscribers, where he uploads highlights from his streams.

Kenji Vtuber
Kenji Vtuber avatar is a human with a tail, brown hair, and blue eyes. (Source: Twitter)

Kenji’s content is mostly focused on horror games, such as Poppy Playtime, Phasmophobia, Resident Evil Village, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more.

He also plays other games like VRChat, Roblox, Genshin Impact, Poker Club, and more. He often collaborates with other VTubers or streamers, such as Kai Cenat, Mizu Blue_, Vien!, Its_Cheebs, Jatsukii, Cristinamlt, Loading_Why, and more.

Kenji Vtuber age – how old is he?

Kenji’s age is not publicly known, but some fans have speculated that he is in his mid-20s based on his voice and appearance. He has not confirmed or denied this speculation, so it remains a mystery for now.

Kenji’s personality is funny, energetic, and sarcastic. He likes to make jokes and tease his viewers and friends.

He also likes to scream and curse when he gets scared or frustrated by the games. He is very expressive and animated with his voice and gestures.

Kenji is also very kind and supportive of his fans and fellow creators.

Kenji Vtuber Wikipedia explored

Kenji is a popular  VTuber who streams on Twitch and uploads highlights on YouTube. He is known for his humorous and energetic personality, as well as his love for cats and horror games.

Kenji has a large and loyal fanbase, who use the hashtags #KenjiClips, #KenjiArt, and #Kenglestick to share his content and fan art on Twitter. He often interacts with his fans on social media and during his streams.

Kenji Vtuber
Kenji Vtuber face reveal was met with positive but hilarious reactions. (Source: Twitter)

 Kenji is part of the streaming platform, where he participates in poker tournaments and other events.

 He is one of the most successful independent VTubers in the English-speaking community.

He is praised for his entertaining and engaging content, his genuine and friendly attitude, and his impressive voice-acting skills.

Kenji is a VTuber who will make you laugh, smile and feel inspired by his passion and creativity.

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