Kenan Thompson Tattoo: Does He Have One? Designs And Meanings

Kenan Thompson Tattoo

Film and SNL lovers are curious about Kenan Thompson tattoo. Thompson receives all the attention as the famous American comedian wows audiences with his charismatic looks and remarkable talent. 

Accomplished American comedian and actor Kenan Thompson has been a cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live since 2003, making him the longest-serving performer in the show’s history.

Besides appearing as an SNL lead cast member, he is well-known for appearing on Kenan on NBC from 2021 to 2022.

Regarding his acting career, Thompson appeared in films, including Good Burger and Fat Albert.

Moreover, Kenan played minor parts in films including Snakes on a Plane, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, My Boss’s Daughter, and Heavyweights.

His outstanding work on Saturday Night Live has received him five Primetime Emmy nominations, winning one.

Are you all excited to learn about Kenan Thompson tattoo? Be with us as we reveal the meaning of the longest-running SNL host’s tattoo.

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Kenan Thompson Tattoo Designs And Meanings: Does He Have One?

Yes, Kenan Thompson apparently has a tattoo, but many are unaware of it as he has rarely revealed it.

Seems like the SNL host is too shy to show off his bare skin, as he is mostly seen fully dressed like a true gentleman. 

This has stirred attention about whether Thompson has altered his appearance, inking his body.

Kenan Thompson tattoo has left his fans amazed if he has undergone further inking and tattoo enhancement procedure.

The comedian’s charm seems to attract viewers as followers want to gaze their eyes upon his back tattoo, but he never reveals it.

Though Thompson has maintained his skin and body, he always likes to stay classy, remaining fully covered and dressed well.

Kenan Thompson Tattoo
Kenan Thompson tattoo is rarely seen as he is well-dressed all the time. (Source: Looper)

Asked about his tattoo, Thompson said:

Yes, I take the acting part of my life very seriously. I have drama faces tattooed on my back. It’s not just a clown; it’s both. It’s my first tattoo. I got my first tattoo with Kel, and we both got drama faces.

Kenan and Kel Mitchell were former friends. They grew up doing theater and musical theater in Atlanta.

Moreover, Kenan’s back tattoo represents a “drama and clown” The tattoo also shows dramatic faces. It could be possible that Kenan Thompson tattoo portrays his comedic style and loyalty to his career.

His fans never forget to ask, “Where can I get the same tattoo?” However, Thompson, 45, has not revealed the tattoo artist. 

The SNL star now looks more polished in recent pictures, so many netizens on the Internet hinted that he has more tattoos.  

With Thompson’s increasing craze in the audience, the comedian could have seen possibilities to look more appealing.

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Kenan Thompson Relationship And Past Affairs

Kenan Thompson’s estranged wife, Christina Evangeline, is a model. The two were a powerhouse couple for over a decade.

The two tied the knot in November 2011 at the Georgia Aquarium. They have two kids together.

Besides modeling, Christina is a former actress. She was always supportive of her husband’s career.

The former couple always looked stunning together at red carpet-events and other public appearances.

In 2021, their separation announcement shocked their fans, as Kenan filed for divorce later that year.

Despite their marriage ending, the two continue prioritizing their children’s needs and maintaining a respectful and friendly relationship as co-parents.

Kenan Thompson Tattoo
Kenan Thompson Tattoo: The comedian has a good relationship with his former wife and kids. (Source: Instagram)

Speaking of Thompson’s new girlfriend, the comedian is rumored to be dating Aria Lisslo, a talented 19-year-old singer-songwriter from New York City.

Similarly, the rumored pair have been spotted hand in hand, frolicking at events like concerts, theme parks, and fashion shows, but the pair have yet to confirm or deny their relationship publicly.

Despite a huge 25-year age gap between the two, some fans are rooting for their love to blossom.

Furthermore, Kenan is also proud of becoming a father. With his estranged wife, Christina Evangeline, he has two gorgeous kids, a daughter named Georgia and a son named Gianna.

Since their divorce was announced in April 2022, the parents have continued to co-parent their children.

In an interview with People in May 2018, Kenan opened up about what it feels like to be a father.

While their marriage has ended, Kenan and Christina’s commitment to each other and their children remains intact.

They have set an example of how love and respect can prevail even after a relationship ends.

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