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Vice Ganda Husband

The renowned Filipino comedian and television host has captured the public’s attention with Vice Ganda’s Husband, Ion Perez, forming a solid and loving partnership.”

Vice Ganda, born Jose Marie Borja Viceral, is an esteemed Filipino comedian, television host, actor, entrepreneur, and recording artist.

As of 2023, he is 47 and has established himself as one of the most successful entertainers in the Philippine show business.

Known for his unique comedic style, Vice Ganda incorporates observational comedy, situational irony, and sarcasm to reflect on Filipino culture and human sexuality humorously.

He has garnered immense popularity through his stand-up routines and has captivated audiences with his wit and humor.

A regular host on ABS-CBN’s noontime variety show It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda has also made a mark in the film industry. 

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Neet Vice Ganda Husband Ion Perez

Ion Perez, the husband of renowned Filipino comedian Vice Ganda, has been a significant presence in the public eye.

Their relationship has captured attention and sparked interest among fans and the media.

Vice Ganda and Ion Perez had a commitment ceremony at The Little Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 19, 2021.

They exchanged promises and signed a certificate of commitment, solidifying their bond.

Vice Ganda Husband
Vice Ganda is openly gay and is considered an advocate for LGBT rights in the Philippines. (source: Instagram)

Vice Ganda has openly referred to Ion Perez as her husband on social media, further affirming their relationship.

Their love story unfolded when Vice Ganda and Ion Perez confirmed their relationship to the public in 2019.

Over time, their connection grew more robust, resulting in their engagement in 2020 and the subsequent commitment ceremony in 2021.

Vice Ganda has expressed how married life with Ion Perez has brought profound joy and fulfillment, emphasizing the depth of their connection beyond superficial happiness.

Ion Perez, a former “Kuya Escort” on the noontime variety show “It’s Showtime,” shares a professional connection with Vice Ganda, a prominent host on the same show. 

Their public acknowledgment of their relationship and their meaningful ceremony in Las Vegas have resonated with fans, who admire their bond and the happiness they have found together.

Vice Ganda Daughter

Vice Ganda and Ion Perez, the beloved Filipino couple, have recently welcomed a new addition to their family.

In a heartwarming revelation, the couple introduced their baby daughter to the public in April 2023, sharing the joyous news on Vice Ganda’s YouTube channel and in interviews with various media outlets.

The couple has been open about their journey towards parenthood, expressing their excitement and gratitude for the new chapter in their lives.

While specific details about Dahlia’s personal life remain limited in the public domain, Vice Ganda and Ion Perez have generously shared glimpses of their happiness as new parents through photos and updates on social media. 

The arrival of Dahlia has undoubtedly brought immeasurable happiness and fulfillment to Vice Ganda and Ion Perez.

As they navigate the beautiful complexities of raising their baby daughter, their story resonates with those who celebrate the bonds of family and the miracles of new beginnings.

Vice Ganda Family

Vice Ganda, born Jose Marie Borja Viceral, is a prominent figure in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Beyond his success as a comedian, television host, actor, entrepreneur, and recording artist, Vice Ganda’s personal life and family background have shaped his journey.

Vice Ganda’s family comprises six children, with his father hailing from Taysan, Batangas, and serving as a barangay captain in Tondo, Manila.

Tragically, Vice Ganda’s father was murdered when he was young, leaving his mother, an Ilocana from San Juan, La Union, to shoulder the children’s responsibility.

Vice Ganda’s mother decided to work abroad as a caregiver to support the family, leaving a lasting impact on their lives.

Vice Ganda Husband
:Vice Ganda’s father was a native of Taysan, Batangas, and a barangay captain in Tondo, Manila. (source: twitter)

In terms of personal life, Vice Ganda is an openly gay individual and has become a prominent advocate for LGBT rights in the Philippines.

His openness and advocacy have helped raise awareness and promote equality for the LGBT community.

Since 2019, Vice Ganda has been in a relationship with Ion Perez, and their love and commitment were symbolized through a commitment ceremony held in Las Vegas in 2021.

Vice Ganda’s personal and family experiences have influenced his perspective and success in the entertainment industry.

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