Does Darius Jackson Have A Sister? Meet His Brother Sarunas Jackson

Darius Jackson Sister

Darius Jackson is known as actress Keke Palmer’s ex-boyfriend and the father of her son Leo. He is a fitness pro with a big heart.

Darius and his brother Sarunas are best friends, but do they have a sister? Let’s explore.

The fitness pro is recognized as the brother of actor Sarunas Jackson, who starred in the TV series “Insecure.”

While Jackson has pursued an acting career, he has also worked as a fitness instructor at Inspire Fitness.

Not much information about Darius’s professional work is available beyond his acting and fitness instruction roles.

Nontheless, his relationship with Keke Palmer garnered attention due to their public appearances and social media posts.

Despite the couple’s efforts to keep their relationship private, they share glimpses of their personal life online, including photos and videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Darius gained recognition primarily through his association with Keke Palmer and their journey as a couple rather than for his professional endeavors.

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Who is Darius Jackson Sister?

Darius Jackson’s sister’s identity is a mystery because apparently, as of 2024, no public information is available regarding whether he has a sister.

Darius Jackson Sister
Darius Jackson with his ex-girlfriend. (Source: Page Six)

Darius would likely be a supportive and caring brother if he did not have a sister.

Given Jackson’s close relationship with his brother Sarunas Jackson, as evidenced by their public interactions and social media posts, it is reasonable to infer that he values familial bonds.

If Jackson were to have a sister, he would probably extend the same level of support, love, and compassion to her as he has with his brother.

Based on his public persona and his affection towards his brother, the actor would likely make a great brother if he did indeed have a sister.

Meet Darius Jackson, Brother Sarunas Jackson

Sarunas Jackson, Darius Jackson’s only brother, is an actor known for his roles in various TV series and films.

Darius Jackson Sister
Darius Jackson with his brother. (Source: The Sun)

Sarunas celebrates his birthday on March 12. He is currently 34 years old and was born in Pennsylvania.

Moreover, the trainer’s brother gained recognition for his performance in HBO’s hit series “Insecure,” along with appearances in shows like “Made for Love,” ” Good Trouble,” and “Games People Play.”

Aside from his acting career, Sarunas is notable for his social media presence, boasting a significant following on platforms like Instagram, X, TikTok, and Facebook.

Additionally, Mr Sarunas shares a daughter named Zen with former “Insecure” co-star DomiNque Perry.

The Jackson brothers have a close bond with each other, which is unbreakable. 

Sarunas is a talented actor with a diverse portfolio of roles, known for his work in both television and film.

Darius Jackson Parents

Darius Jackson’s parents are Romel Jackson, who hails from Philadelphia, and Yhinyer Hubbard Jackson, originally from Panama. 

Also, the fitness trainer’s dad is African-American, while his mom is Panamanian. He was born in California and has a close connection with his brother.

Romel and Yhinyer raised their sons with connections to their Panamanian heritage, and the family spoke Spanish at home.

Originally a college athlete, Darius transitioned into a fitness trainer career.

His diverse cultural background reflects his African-American and Panamanian roots, contributing to his unique identity and experiences.

The Jackson siblings are also close to their parents, who are always there for them through their hard times.

With Darius recently going through his breakup, it is difficult for him to handle the pain of separation, and he might need his parents right now.

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