Lie Reposposa Cheating Scandal And Controversy: Did She Cheat On Her Fiance?

Lie Reposposa Cheating

What’s the story behind the Lie Reposposa cheating scandal? Fans are speculating that she cheated on her fiance. So let’s read below about the ongoing controversy.

Lie Reposposa, also known as Angelie Reposposa, is a 19-year-old Filipino YouTuber. She became the sixth big winner on the ABS-CBN reality show “Pinoy Big Brother.”

Lie’s social media presence and engagement with her audience have contributed to her popularity, making her a notable figure among Filipino youth.

Her engagement to Paul Joshua Marsden further emphasized her status as a public figure, drawing attention to her personal life and relationships.

Lie Reposposa Cheating Scandal

The alleged cheating scandal involving former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Angelie “Lie” Reposposa has garnered significant attention on social media, particularly TikTok.

A video circulating on TikTok shows what is claimed to be Lie Reposposa kissing a foreigner at a bar in Poblacion, Makati.

The video, supposedly taken on Saturday, August 5, was posted on August 8, 2023.

Lie Reposposa Cheating
Lie Reposposa was found cheating on her British fiance Paul Joshua Marsden in a recently viral video on TikTok. (Source: Instagram)

The caption of the video suggests that the uploader believes it’s Lie in the video and alludes to the uploader’s assumption that the “guy” referenced is Lie’s British fiancé, Paul Joshua Marsden.

The video has generated a divided response from netizens, with opinions ranging from disbelief to support for the couple.

Some netizens believe that the person in the video is indeed Lie Reposposa and express their disappointment if that’s the case.

Others are more cautious, mentioning that they would only believe it’s her if her face is clearly visible.

The situation becomes more complex as Lie’s fiancé, Paul Joshua Marsden, has also commented on the video through his TikTok account.

He confirms their engagement and states that they are meant to get married in the new year. He expresses disbelief and hurt upon seeing the video.

Lie Reposposa Cheating
Lie Reposposa is facing cheating allegations after a TikTok of her lookalike was found kissing a foreigner in a nightclub. (Source: Instagram)

As a result of the scandal, Lie Reposposa has turned off the comments section on her TikTok account and her Instagram account.

The situation has attracted substantial attention and discussion on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

Despite the allegations and reactions, Lie Reposposa herself has not made an official statement regarding the issue.

The scandal has brought about debates, discussions, and speculations among netizens, reflecting the wider impact of such controversies in the era of digitalization.

This incident highlights the power of social media to amplify and disseminate personal matters into the public domain, blurring the lines between private and public life.

It also underscores the challenges public figures face in maintaining their personal relationships while under constant scrutiny.

As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Lie Reposposa and her fiancé will navigate this challenging period in the public eye.

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Lie Reposposa Controversy: Did She Cheated On Her Fiance?

Amidst the controversy surrounding Lie Reposposa’s alleged cheating, she and her British fiancé Paul Joshua Marsden responded unconventionally.

Instead of a written statement, the couple shared an intimate and affectionate photo on Instagram on the night of August 8, 2023. The photo showcases Lie holding Paul while his right-hand embraces her.

Both wear smiles that seemingly indicate harmony and unity, suggesting their relationship remains strong despite the recent turmoil.

Lie Reposposa Cheating
Lie Reposposa posted a picture of her sitting on her British fiance, Paul Joshua Marsden’s lap. (Source: Instagram)

The image was posted on both Lie and Paul’s Instagram accounts without any accompanying caption.

This release follows a wave of discussion about an alleged video where Lie was captured kissing a foreigner at a bar.

The video circulated widely, leading to speculation about potential cheating. The foreigner in the video is not Lie’s British fiancé, Paul.

The online community has been divided in their reactions to the controversy. Some believe the woman in the video is indeed Lie, while others are cautious due to the video’s blurry quality.

Comments on Lie and Paul’s Instagram accounts remain disabled at the moment.

Aside from the posted photo, the couple has refrained from directly stating the authenticity of the video attributed to Lie.

Lie Reposposa Cheating
Lie Reposposa and her British fiance, Paul Joshua Marsden, stated that the scandal is totally baseless and they are not going to call their wedding off. (Source: Instagram)

This incident underscores public figures’ challenges when their personal lives are exposed to intense scrutiny, especially on social media platforms.

The Instagram photo, intended to convey unity and love, symbolizes the couple’s decision to address the situation through actions rather than words.

The controversy has sparked discussions about privacy, relationships, and the blurred lines between the personal and public realms in the age of social media.

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