Kathy Ireland Net Worth: Books & Investments

One of the top and richest supermodels in the world Kathy Ireland, from the United States, has an astonishing net worth of $500 million.

Apart from being a former model, she is also an actress, entrepreneur, and designer. Kathleen Marie Ireland, known as Kathy Ireland, was born in Glendale, California, on March 20, 1963.

She had a successful modeling career during the 1980s and 1990s.

She has graced the pages of prestigious publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and Mademoiselle.

Ireland, in addition to modeling, has experimented in the world of acting. Moreover, Ireland became the first woman to serve on the board of the NFL Players Association in 2019.

Additionally, she also serves on the Women’s National Basketball Players Association’s Board of Advocates.

One of the Wealthiest Supermodels Turned Entrepreneur Kathy Ireland.
One of the Wealthiest Supermodels Turned Entrepreneur Kathy Ireland.

Before her first exercise DVD was released, she became a certified fitness instructor in 1994.

Since then, she has released several fitness videos, including “Total Fitness Workout,” “Core Workout,” and “Reach and Health.”

Moreover, her workout video, “Body Specifics,” earned the Fitness Video of the Year award.

Moreover, Forbes called Ireland one of America’s 50 most successful self-made women as assessed by their net worth in 2015.

Kathy is also considered a role model by many supermodels such as Kate Hupton, Hannah Jeter, Ashley Graham due to her ethical internet presence and technique of analysis.

Quick Facts

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Full Name Kathleen Marie Ireland
Known as Kathy Ireland
Date of birth March 20, 1963
Place of birth Glendale, California, U.S.
Age 60 Years Old
Marital Status
Greg Olsen (m. 1988)
  • Chloe Olsen – Daughter
  • Lily Marie Olsen – Daughter
  • Erik Olsen – Son
Father’s name John Ireland
Mother’s name Barbara Ireland
Siblings Two
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Aries
Education San Marcos High School
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Height 5 ft 9 in
Weight 54 kg
Trade Mark
  • Strawberry blonde hair
  • Breathy, little girl voice
  • Sparkling blue eyes
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Model, Actor, Designer, Entrepreneur, Editor, Author
Years active 1979- Present
Net worth $500 million
Endorsements Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and Mademoiselle
Social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Last Update February, 2024

Kathy Ireland: Net Worth and Income

Kathy Ireland has had amassed her net worth through a successful modeling career and hence proven over a time period that what she is worthy of.

Moreover, her brand marketing company, KIWW (Kathy Ireland Worldwide), created its line of products, which are now available across 15 countries.

In fact, KIWW made approximately $1.5 billion in sales in 2005 alone.

Forbes Called Ireland one of America's 50 most Successful Self-Made Women in 2015.
Forbes Called Ireland one of America’s 50 most Successful Self-Made Women in 2015.

Ireland’s trademark products are said to have earned over $2 billion in yearly retail sales between 2005 and 2012.

By 2015, she had established a personal wealth of $420 million due to her successful business career.

Net Worth of Kathy Ireland in Different Currencies

Mentioned below is the net worth of Kathy Ireland calculated in different currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 423,858,150
Pound Sterling £ 360,620,300
Australian Dollar A$ 678,426,000
Canadian Dollar C$ 625,722,500
Indian Rupee ₹ 37,108,500,000
BitCoin ฿ 10,914

Kathy Ireland: Lifestyle and Vacations


Kathy might be the former supermodel, but she is no different from the other mothers out there when it comes to her children.

She wakes up at seven and gets her three children dressed for the day, preparing lunches and guiding them through the craziness that occurs before the school bus arrives.

During the ride from home to school, she makes sure there is no iPhone, iPad, or any video games, but a pure chit-chat and light conversations between her and her kids.

When she’s out promoting the book, she loves meeting people and hearing their tales, as well as sharing her own.

But she manages to slip away at some time to call home, check in with her husband, and inquire about her children’s days.


The former supermodel frequently seems on the beaches of Hawaii.

Despite her aging, she still looks flawless and can rock bikini look even in her 50s.

Kathy Having Some Quality Time WIth Her Kids.
Kathy Having Some Quality Time WIth Her Kids.

She might not have those abs and slim structures, but thanks to her regular exercises, she is still nailing the beachside look while being unconsciously captured by the paparazzi.

Kathy Ireland: Houses and Cars


She lives in a Santa Barbara home. In addition, she has a luxurious vacation home in Hawaii.

In fact, Kathy Ireland, the supermodel, rents out her opulent Hawaii vacation home to happy couples planning their dream wedding.

Kathy's Luxurious Vacation Home in Hawaii.
Kathy’s Luxurious Vacation Home in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, the house she rebuilt for Elizabeth Taylor is the ideal setting for a lavish wedding.

She sure knows how to make someone feel great on their big day.


As much as we want to know about the kind of vehicle she drives, unfortunately, there is no such information available to the public.

Kathy Ireland: Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and Book Publications


In 1988, she made her cinematic debut in “Alien from L.A.

Moreover, the supermodel had acted in “Boy Meets World,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” and “Deadly Games.”

Similarly, Kathy has also acted in “Side Out,” “A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Wicked Wives,” “Once Upon a Christmas,” and “Twice Upon a Christmas.”


Ireland’s first taste of success outside of modeling came in 1993 when she launched her line of socks for Kmart.

Kmart’s socks were such a success, selling 100 million pairs, that they decided to launch a whole apparel line in her honor.

Kathy Ireland launched her marketing agency, Kathy Ireland Worldwide, the following year, which has become a true success story.

Ireland With Her Mentors and The Billionaires Warren Buffet & Bill Gates.
Ireland With Her Mentors and The Billionaires Warren Buffet & Bill Gates.

She is the majority owner and CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, unlike her contract with Kmart.

In addition, her company currently sells household goods to dozens of companies in a variety of areas.

KIWW has also ventured into the field of talent management.


Kathy Ireland’s collections are routinely featured in respected magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, McCalls, People, Redbook, Shape, and Vogue.

Book Publications

Not only is she a successful supermodel or business entrepreneur, but Ireland is an author as well.

Kathy Ireland, a model-turned-millionaire, is a well-known public speaker, novelist, and philanthropist.

Book By Kathy Ireland "Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity"
Book By Kathy Ireland “Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity”

“What Do Mommies Do?” (2005), “Mona’s Favorite Words” (2005), and “An Angel Called Hope” (2005) are just a few of her children’s novels.

Beginning in 2013, she published a variety of children’s books, including “Choo-Choo Colors,” “Proud to Potty,” and “Gracie & Delilah: A Tale of Two Precious Puppies.”

Apart from authoring, she also penned her name as a novelist in 2020 by releasing her first novel “Fashion Jungle.”

She has also co-authored the self-help books “Powerful Inspirations: Eight Lessons That Will Change Your Life” (2002) and Real Solutions for Busy Moms: Your Guide to Success and Sanity” (2009).

The supermodel has also co-authored “Real Solutions: 52 God Inspired Messages from My Heart” (2009).


Over the years, Ireland has been quite active in supporting numerous causes.

She has worked pro bono for non-profits such as Feed the Children, City of Hope, and the March of Dimes.

In 2013, her firm gave $10 million to the annual Toys for Tots drive, collaborating with Bendon Publishing International.

Besides, she has also supported National Woman’s History Museum and Tony Hawk Foundation.

Ireland gave $100,000 to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (ETAF) on World AIDS Day 2017.

Surprisingly, she is a dedicated Christian who opposes abortion.

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A scout from Elite Model Management noticed her at her high school when she was sixteen years old.

Thereafter, she began appearing in different fashion shots and spreads after signing with the management organization.

Soon after, Ireland shot to fame in 1984 after appearing in the Swimsuit edition of the popular magazine “Sports Illustrated.”

Kathy Ireland Graced The Cover Of 'Sports Illustrated' in the 80s and 90s
Kathy Ireland Graced The Cover Of ‘Sports Illustrated’ in the 80s and 90s

In the 1985 show ‘Charles in Charge,’ the green-eyed beauty made her television debut.

Further, she also appeared as a contestant on the dancing reality show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2009.

Speaking of her filmy career, she has starred in 16 feature films since 1993.

As she is a vocal activist, Ireland has spoken at a variety of corporate events, social media conferences, and industry conventions.

Some Interesting Facts about Kathy Ireland

  • Ireland decided to enter the home furnishings sector on the advice and recommendation of Warren Buffett, one of Ireland’s friends and mentors.
  • Ireland and actress Elizabeth Taylor had a close friendship, and the two ladies frequently attended public events together. Kathy even credited her as her mentor.
  • When Ireland was four years old, she started selling painted rocks out of a cart.

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Quotes of Kathy Ireland

“But I look at failure as education. In that respect, I am so well-educated.”

“Beauty comes from the inside.”

“I know my strengths. Painfully aware of the weaknesses. There are many. I love sports. So working towards a common goal, that’s exciting to me.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Kathy Ireland

What happened to Kathy Ireland?

Kathy Ireland was a top model before transitioning to acting and then home goods design.

Is Kathy Ireland a billionaire?

She is not yet a billionaire but a self-made woman with a hard-earned net worth of $500 million.

But looking at her graph of success, it seems she would surpass this goal sooner.

How did Kathy Ireland meet her husband?

According to Ireland, one fine day, she went to grab lunch with her mother in a hospital who also happens to be the nurse, and there was the guy who caught her eye outside the psychiatric ward. Thereafter she ended up stalking his now-husband for two months.

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