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Aidan Gillen

An attractive Irish actor, Aidan Gillen’s net worth is a staggering $8 million. 

Born in 1968 in Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland, Aidan Gillen began acting in the mid-’80s as a youngster.

Firstly, he appeared in various theater performances, including “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at the Dublin Youth Theatre.

In 1985, he made his feature debut in the short film “The Drip,” followed by a role in “The Courier” (1988).

After nearly a decade later, Gillen landed his first significant TV job as Stuart Alan Jones of the BBC series “Queer as Folk” on ten episodes.

Between 2004 and 2008, he played Tommy Carcetti in nearly three dozen episodes of HBO’s “The Wire.”

Aiden Gillen in a photoshoot.
Aiden Gillen in a photoshoot.

In addition to “The Wire” and “Queer As Folk,” Gillen has also played greater roles in “Identity,” “Love/Hate,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Other Voices.”

Gillen is famous for his role in HBO’s “Game of Thrones” as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish.

Also, for the role in The History Channel’s “Project Blue Book” as Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

Furthermore, he has been nominated for a British Academy Television Award, a British Independent Film Award, and a Tony Award and has won three Irish Film & Television Awards.

So, let’s get to know Aiden Gillen a little better, starting with some basic facts about him.

Quick Facts

Full Name Aidan Murphy
Known name Aidan Gillen
Date of Birth April 24, 1968
Birthplace Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland
Age 56 Years Old
Nationality Irish
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity White
Gender Male
Mother Patricia Murphy
Father Denis Murphy
Siblings Javier Caso (Brother)
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight 63 kg
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Education St. Vincent’s High School
Source of Wealth Professional Actor
Sexual Orientation Straight
Debut Movie The Drip
Active Years 1982–present
Profession Acting and Narrator
Marital Status Separated
Ex-Wife Olivia O’ Flanagan
Current Partner Camille O’ Sullivan
Children Berry Murphy and Joe Murphy
Major TV shows Game of Thrones, The Wire, Project Blue Book
Major Movies The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials, The Dark Knight Rises, Bohemian Rhapsody
Endorsements Tommy Hilfiger
Awards Best British Newcomer, Actor in the Lead role, Best Actor, An Empire Hero
Yearly Salary average $600,000
Net Worth $8 million
Social Media Not Available
Last Update June, 2024

Aidan Gillen’s Net Worth and Income

Aidan Gillen’s Net Worth

An attractive Irish actor, Aidan Gillen’s net worth is a staggering $8 million. 

Moreover, Aidan charges up to $100,000 every episode and earns roughly $600,000 each year.

In addition, Aidan also charges between $50,000 and $100,000 for an event.

Aidan Gillen’s Income

Gillen’s annual salary was $384,000 in 2019, and it increased to $407,040 in 2020.

While movies provide the majority of his income, he also makes a good living as a voice-over artist, has different sponsorship deals, and works as a theatrical artist and music videos.

Per Year $ 588,235
Per Month  $ 49,019
Per Week $ 12,254
Per Day $ 1,750

Aidan Gillen: House and Cars


As from the source, Gillen lives lavishly with his current partner, Camille O’ Sullivan, in Dublin, Ireland.

However, the worth of the residence is yet to be disclosed.


With such a large fortune, Gillen has a Puget automobile on his wish list.

Aiden Gillen's car.
Aiden Gillen’s car.

The Allure starts the 3008 range at $44,990. Some of its main features are that it is driven by a 1.6-liter turbocharged petrol engine that produces 121kW at 6000rpm and 240Nm at 1400rpm.

Aidan Gillen: Lifestyle and Vacation


Meanwhile, Aidan is a reserved and shy individual, yet his endearing nature has attracted many fans worldwide.

There isn’t much information regarding his personal life because he isn’t very active on social media or any other platform and keeps his personal life private.

However, we can notice Gillen’s preference for black in almost all of his costumes. Generally, he appears in a black blazer.

Recently, he shared a pic of himself wearing a black jacket, black slacks, and black shoes inside a movie theater.

Aidan Gillen photographed in winter in 2016.
Aidan Gillen photographed in winter in 2016.

Similarly, he favors denim pants and plain t-shirts that cost approximately $350 for casual clothes.

Furthermore, Gillen enjoys buying at Ireland’s well-known online “Great Outdoors,” where garments range from $30 to over $300.

Aidan, too, is strongly rooted in and passionate about music. The actor professed his passion for Led Zeppelin’s music in one of the interviews. He used to listen to music for more than 10 hours a day in the past.

He spent a lot of money as a music fan buying CDs because there were no digital music platforms like Spotify back then.
Finally, Gillen enjoys spending time at the beach and loves reading.


Despite his popularity, he has very little personal information flashed out on the internet.

However, he does go to various locations throughout the county to shoot his films and spends his free time there.

Spain, Morocco, Rome, and Croatia were among his vacation destinations.

Movies, TV-Series, Music Videos, Audio, Books and Video Games, and Endorsements


In 2017, he played Bill Wilson in The Dark Knight Rises. The film was a smash hit, grossing an incredible $1,082,228,100 at the box office worldwide.

Aidan Gillen also starred in another feature office smash, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trail (2015), which grossed about $312.3 million worldwide.

Similarly, Gillen also starred in Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018), which grossed $265,878,536 worldwide.

Aidan Gillen as Janson in Maze Runner: The Death Cure.
Aidan Gillen as Janson in Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

In 2009, his other effort, 12 rounds, amassed a worldwide total of $17,306,648.

Meanwhile, in 2012, Gillen starred in Shadow Dancer, which grossed a whopping $1,777,709 at the box office.

Furthermore, Gillen turned it into the popular music theme film Bohemian Rhapsody(2018), which grossed $893,423,212 at the worldwide box office.


Aidan’s career has included popular series such as Queer as Folk and Love/Hate, and he began collecting his riches and honing his skills over time.

Meanwhile, from 2011 to 2017, the HBO series Game of Thrones, in which he played Petyr Baelish, grossed $525,783,650 in domestic video sales.

During his eight seasons on Game of Thrones, Gillen was paid as much as $150,000 per episode.

From 2004 to 2008, he also starred in the blockbuster series “The Wire,” which grossed about $35,145,820 at the box office.

In addition, he has the blockbuster smash ‘Peaky Blinders‘ in his resume, which grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

In 2019, and 2020, his other role in ‘Project Bluebook‘ earned him $157,405 in domestic video sales.

Music Videos

Likewise, the multitalented actor has been in several music videos and has his own single.

Meanwhile, he appears in Sigar Ros’ Ekki Mukk, which has about 3.9 million views on YouTube and has brought him roughly $35,100 in cash.

Similarly, he also appeared in VINCI’s Where We Go Out and Valentine’s I Draw Slow music videos.

Aidan Gillen appearing in Sigar Ros' Ekki Mukk
Aidan Gillen appearing in “Sigar Ros’ Ekki Mukk.”

Also, he had a cameo in Mick Flannery’s Cameo, which received over 97K views and digital earnings of roughly $800.

Similarly, Gillen was featured in Fontanis DC- A Hero’s Death, which received 1,117,226 views and $11,172 from the digital marketplace.

Meanwhile, he once played a single gig for a social purpose with his present partner, which was well received.

Audio, Books, and Video Games

Aidan hasn’t written any books himself. However, he has narrated several audiobooks.

Gillen has voiced several books, including Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, which costs roughly $9.99 and is available in English.

Aidan has also narrated Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, a $14.99 book written by Roddy Doyle.

Similarly, ‘The Commitments,’ a novel authored by Roddy Doyle and narrated by Aidan Gillen, costs $15.49 in its normal edition.

Furthermore, his voice texture has led to him working in the video gaming industry. Aidan delivers Paul Serene’s motion capture and voice performance in Quest.


Aidan, on the other hand, makes a good living by endorsing various things.

Aidan also promotes Tommy Hilfiger clothing companies, which sell various clothing and accessories ranging from $30 to $500.

Similarly, he also endorses UFO white beer. The price of a carat or the six pieces is approximately $12.

Aidan often earns around $130,000 from endorsements alone.


Gillen’s film career began in 1987 when he made his big-screen debut in Jack Clayton’s film “The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne.” Gillen had minor appearances in films such as ‘The Courier,’ ‘The Play on One,’ ‘Screenplay,’ ‘Gold in the Streets,’ and ‘Buddy Boy.’

He was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance as Mick in the Broadway version of “The Caretaker” in 2004.

Between 2004 and 2008, Gillen played politician Thomas J. “Tommy” Carcetti in 35 episodes of HBO’s critically acclaimed drama series “The Wire.”

Aidan Gillen in his young age.
Aidan Gillen at a young age.

In the DC superhero picture “The Dark Knight Rises,” he portrays CIA operative Bill Wilson (2012).

His character was referred to simply as “CIA” in the original script. His name is referenced in the novelization of the film.

He played A.D. Janson in “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” and “Maze Runner: The Death Cure.”

In 2018, Gillen played John Reid, a former music manager, in the Oscar-winning biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

At present, Aidan Gillen’s net worth is estimated to be $8 million.


Meanwhile, Gillen is a generous man who has dedicated himself to several charitable initiatives.

Similarly, he and his girlfriend have performed live and chose to donate the proceeds to Irish children in need.

Similarly, he has supported a fundraising campaign to raise $5 million for the Barretstown Children’s Charity over the next five years.

Furthermore, the group helps underprivileged youngsters.

3 Facts About Aidan Gillen

  • Fionnuala Murphy, Gillen’s sister, began performing in movies and television shows in 1986 and has continued to do so.
  • Gillen struck through in 1999 with a lead part in Channel 4’s Queer as Folk as successful CEO Stuart Alan Jones.
  • For his work as Tommy Carcetti in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire, he won his first Irish Film & Television Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television.


Is Aidan Gillen in a relationship?

Olivia O’Flanagan was Aidan Gillen’s first wife (2001 – 2014). At present, Camille Sullivan has been in a relationship with Aidan Gillen.

What will he be playing in the future?

Although Gillen’s tenure as Littlefinger may have come to an end, it appears that he will continue to have plenty of possibilities soon. Look no further than his upcoming indie biopic James and Lucia, in which he will play the legendary Irish novelist James Joyce.

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