Was Karl Malone Arrested For Rape Allegations? Wife And Net Worth Revealed

karl Malone

Karl Malone was not arrested despite getting sexually active with a minor. The basketball player who had a bright future inside the basketball court but had a dark past, which many of his followers wants to know about.

Karl Anthony Malone, also known as Karl Malone, is an American former professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) from Summerfield, Louisiana, U.S.

The former athlete had a difficult upbringing because his father, who was married to another woman and eventually committed suicide when the boy was just three years old, left him and his eight siblings in the care of their single mother.

The former basketball coach played basketball while a student at Summerfield High School. From 1979 through his senior year in 1981, he led his team to three straight Louisiana Class C championships.

Malone attended Louisiana Tech University because it was closer to home, despite being recruited by University of Arkansas basketball coach Eddie Sutton.

However, the NBA star made his professional debut in 1985 after being selected in the NBA draft by the Utah Jazz. He was the 13th overall pick. Late last year, the player joined the Los Angeles Lakers for his final season before retirement.

Moreover, in 2007, the former NBA player started his coaching career at Louisiana Tech University. In addition to being a professional basketball player, he did comedy acting and a wrestling match after retiring.

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Was Karl Malone Arrested For Rape Allegations?

Karl was never arrested on rape charges, despite engaging in sexual activity with a minor. The former NBA player was never even detained over rape allegations.

The basketball player had sexual interaction with a 13-year-old girl named Gloria Bell during his college year, which led to the girl becoming pregnant.

Later, she gave birth to a boy named Demetress Bell in 1984, just a year before the Utah Jazz selected the 6’9″ player in the NBA draft.

Karl Malone
The former Utah’s player Karl Malone. (Source: Instagram)

However, the player did not take any responsibility for his action and denied that the child was his. Later, in 1986, Gloria Bell’s parents filed a paternity lawsuit against the young basketball star with the court.

They demanded that Malone pay child support for his kid, but an out-of-court agreement was ultimately reached.

In 2014, the former NBA star eventually spoke with his son and began enhancing their father-son bond. Over time, the two grew close and began speaking practically daily.

Meet Karl Malon Wife Kay Kinsey

The athlete’s marital status is married. On December 24, 1990, he married former Miss Idaho USA Kay Kinsey.

The couple has four children together. Three daughters named Kadee, Kylee, and Karlee Malone, and a son named Karl Jr. Malone.

Karl Malone arrested
The former NBA player’s wife and beautiful daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Kay is a former American supermodel. After marrying the former NBA star’s wife, Kinsey gave up modeling. She runs several companies, including the Teriyaki Grill restaurant in Ruston, Louisiana.

The former beauty pageant winner shows support and love for her husband despite his disturbing past.

The former beauty queen does not shy away from showing her partner out on social media via her Instagram handle, which goes under the user name @mamail32.

Karl Malone – Net Worth Revealed 

According to Celebrity Net worth, the net worth of retired professional basketball player is $55 million.

His amazing skill in the sport increased his net worth as the athlete won the NBA Most Valuable Player award twice (1997, 1999).

Karl Malone
Karl Malone with his beautiful wife Kay. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, the former Utah player has worked in the entertainment industry, the wrestling industry, politics, and a business firm, all of which have contributed to his earnings.

In addition, Ruston, Louisiana’s Teriyaki Grill, Eskamoe’s Frozen Custard & More, and Arby’s are all owned by the former basketball player.

Aside from that, the retired player also owns a vehicle dealership in Louisiana and Utah and is a part-owner of Burger King franchises in Utah and Idaho, as well as three Jiffy Lube locations in Utah.

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