Is Kitty Flanagan Lesbian? Partner Age And Net Worth Revealed 

Kitty Flanagan Lesbian

Kitty Flanagan lesbian news has been rumored all over the internet for quite a time, as the 55-year-old comedian has not been in a relationship. 

Kitty Flanagan is a comedian known for her oddball views.

Kitty made her comedy television debut as a writer/performer on the iconic Australian sketch comedy show Full Frontal. She has also contributed to The Micallef Programme and The Fifty Foot Show and appeared in both.

She appears on Australian television programs such as Good News Week, Rove, and Spicks & Specks regularly. She has performed on Comedy Central in the United States, where she has appeared in multiple series of The World Stands Up.

She’s appeared on The Comedy Store Live, ITV’s The Sketch Show, and The BBC Stand Up Show in the UK.

She is a master in analyzing her audience and adjusting her material to suit, making her the ideal comedian for your next business event, gala, awards night, or launch.

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Is Kitty Flanagan Lesbian? Partner Details To Know 

Kitty Flanagan hid her romantic relationship for a long time, which caused her to become the target of lesbian suspicions.

She subsequently admitted to Australia Times that she had once been in a relationship with a partner to set the record straight.

Her connection with her policeman lover lasted for 18 months. She said that his immature actions brought on the breakdown of the relationship.

We now know Kitty is a private individual who prefers to keep her personal life to herself. So, whether she is married or is content to be single is unknown.

Kitty Flanagan Lesbian
Kitty Flanagan With Her Co Actor (Source: Instagram)

Flanagan was born in Manly, a north Sydney suburb. Her father, John Flanagan, is an Australian author best known for the Ranger’s Apprentice and Brotherband novel series. 

Penny Flanagan, Kitty’s sister, is a musician and one-half of the 1990s indie band Club Hoy; she frequently appears in Kitty’s gigs. Her brother, Michael, is a chef who owns a coffee shop in Japan’s snowfields. 

Flanagan lives in Melbourne with a Burmese cat named Sarge and two dogs, one of which is a Havanese named Henry.

Kitty Flanagan Age: How Old Is The Comedian? 

Kitty Flanagan was born in 1968, making her 56 years old. 

Flanagan attended Monte Sant’Angelo Mercy College in North Sydney for high school. She was inspired to comedy in Year 5 when she starred in a school musical production of Alice in Wonderland as a bunny who feigned to fall asleep during the performance. 

Flanagan stated, “Secretly, I always wanted to be an actress, but I knew I didn’t have the mindset for it.” She recalls putting on avant-garde performance acts with her younger sister Penny as a teenager. 

They would incorporate their more youthful brother Michael by dressing him in tutus and giving him dance routines to complete.

Flanagan has been featured on Full Frontal, The Project, Rove Live, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Have You Been Paying Attention?, and Utopia in Australia. Kitty is most known in the United Kingdom for her appearances on The Sketch Show.

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Kitty Flanagan Net Worth Revealed 

According to Latest News, Kitty Flanagan has an estimated net worth of $4 million. 

Kitty secretly wished to be an actor but knew she’d never make it through acting school. Her inner voice wouldn’t allow her to do serious things like Shakespeare or mime classes that required her to wave like a sheaf of wheat in the wind or melt like ice cream in the sun.

She pretended to be a copywriter for five years. She was eventually fired. She has no idea why, and tragically, and she doesn’t care.

Kitty Flanagan Lesbian
Kitty Flanagan In The Poster Of Her Series Fisk (Source: Instagram)

She performed standup in nations such as Japan, France, Germany, and Holland, all recognized for their unique sense of humor. 

She appeared at every festival, including Edinburgh, Kilkenny, and Cape Town. She did another sketch presentation, this time in English. She then made a short film. 

And she wrote long, tedious acceptance speeches that she thought were concise and clever, but they were never heard since short film festivals, wisely, do not permit filmmakers to give acceptance speeches. 

She continued to do standup. She was also commissioned to write for the BBC and Channel Four.

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