Kali Reis Parents: Mother Patricia Gentle Rain And Father

Kali Reis Parents

Kali Reis Parents get all the credit for who she is today, particularly her mother, Patricia, who raised her and her siblings as a single parent.

Kali Reis is an acclaimed American boxer and actress who has made her mark in sports and entertainment.

As a boxer, she has held world championship titles in multiple weight classes, including the WBC female middleweight title and the WBA, WBO, and IBO female light welterweight titles.

Reis first burst onto the boxing scene in 2016 when she captured the WBC middleweight belt.

She challenged the legendary Cecilia Brækhus for the undisputed welterweight crown 2018, losing a close decision.

Undeterred, Reis continued racking wins before claiming three light welterweight titles in dominant fashion from 2020-2022.

Outside the ring, Reis expanded into acting with the 2021 film “Catch the Fair One,” garnering praise for her starring role as an ex-boxer seeking justice.

With athletic excellence and dramatic skills, Kali Reis has cemented her status as a fearsome fighter and rising star both in and out of the boxing world.

Her career achievements continue to inspire young athletes to follow their dreams.

Kali Reis Parents: Mother Patricia Gentle Rain And Father

Kali Reis credits her mother, Patricia Gentle Rain, as the most influential figure in her life.

As a single mother, Patricia raised Kali and her siblings while immersing them in their Seaconke Wampanoag cultural heritage.

She serves as the medicine woman for their tribe, providing integral spiritual guidance.

Patricia instilled the importance of embracing their Native identity and taught Kali traditional practices, dances, songs, and stories from a young age.

This foundation enabled Kali to become a prominent voice for Indigenous representation in boxing while remaining deeply connected to her community.

Though Kali maintains a close bond with her mother, she has spoken about the absence of her father, Edward Reis, growing up.

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Kali Reis siblings

Kali Reis grew up with four older siblings with whom she shared a close-knit bond in their East Providence, Rhode Island hometown.

Being the youngest child, Kali often tried to keep up with her two older brothers’ activities, leading to her “tomboyish” and athletic nature.

Kali Reis Parents
Kali Reis during her training session. (source: Youtube)

Her brothers, especially Drew, took on a mentoring role for Kali and cultivated her early interest in sports and competition.

Tragically, Kali’s beloved brother Drew passed away in 2017 at the young age of 33.

She honored him by dedicating a fight to him, referring to Drew as her “real life superhero.”

Kali maintains tight relationships with her two living brothers and older sister, leaning on them for support through her boxing career.

She also serves as an inspirational figure for her 9 nieces and nephews.

Though no longer with them physically, the memory of Kali’s brother Drew continues to motivate her athletic pursuits and family bonds.

The love and encouragement of her siblings helped shape Kali into the resilient boxer and role model she is today.

Kali Reis Partner

Kali Reis found love and lifelong companionship with her husband, Brian Cohen.

The two have a close friendship and romantic relationship, with Kali affectionately calling him her “best friend.”

Kali Reis Parents
Kali Reis with her husband Brian Cohen (Source: phillyvoice)

Brian works outside of the spotlight, supporting Kali privately through her boxing career.

While details are scarce about his profession and background, it’s clear he provides Reis with unwavering support.

The couple treats Brian’s daughter Alanna as their own child, embracing the role of parents together.

Reis has opened up about struggling to come to terms with her attraction to women before meeting Brian, even joking that marrying him made her lose her “gay card.”

However, Brian’s steadfast love and confidence allowed Kali to explore her identity.

She credits the “safe space” he created for helping her learn to embrace all parts of herself.

Kali Reis’s marriage shows that a loving partnership can take many forms.

With Brian’s devotion, she can maintain her authentic self while excelling as an athlete, wife, mother, and role model.

He grounds and inspires her daily as her biggest fan and life companion.

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