Joscelyn Roberson Parents: Jeff Roberson And Ashley Roberson Ethnicity

Joscelyn Roberson Parents

Introducing the guiding forces behind the remarkable journey of the American artistic gymnast: meet Joscelyn Roberson parents, Jeff and Ashley Roberson.

Joscelyn Michelle Roberson is an accomplished American artistic gymnast representing the United States in international competitions.

Despite her youth, she has quickly become a leading contender in vault, balance beam, and floor exercise.

Since turning senior in 2022, the athlete has won medals at the DTB Pokal Team Challenge, the Cairo World Cup, and the Pan American Championships.

Her athletic achievements and representation on the USA gymnastics team have positioned Roberson as an exciting rising star.

With continued success, Roberson aims to compete at the Olympic level. Roberson’s poise and versatility make her a gymnast to watch in the coming years.

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Joscelyn Roberson Parents: Jeff Roberson And Ashley Roberson

Joscelyn was born in 2006 in Texarkana, Texas, to Jeff and Ashley Roberson, who are high school sweethearts. The Robersons have three children, with the gymnast being the youngest.

Neither Jeff nor Ashley were gymnasts growing up, so they have had to learn the sport’s nuances as their daughter’s career has progressed.

Her father often has to research the new skills she mentions to understand what she is doing entirely.

The Robersons have also had to help the young athlete learn to balance her intense 30- to 40-hour-per-week training schedule with taking advanced classes online since leaving brick-and-mortar school in 2nd grade.

Joscelyn Roberson Parents
Joscelyn Roberson’s Parents, Ashley & Jeff Roberson, played a vital role in their daughter’s gymnastic career. (Source: txkparent)

During competition season, from December to June, she travels extensively, which requires coordination with her virtual schooling.

Joscelyn Roberson’s parents closely monitor her social media presence and interactions to maintain her safety as her profile rises.

They frequently discuss maintaining a positive body image despite her spending much of her time in revealing gymnastics attire.

The Robersons emphasize focusing on “Joscelyn’s Gymnastics—controlling what she can and being the best gymnast.

Joscelyn Roberson Siblings

The American artistic gymnast has two older siblings, Jami and Jack, who attended Texas High School. Her siblings are incredibly supportive fans of their younger sister, attending her competitions when possible.

The Roberson siblings have a close relationship, with the athlete encouraging her brother and sister in their activities as much as they support her gymnastics.

Joscelyn Roberson Parents
Pictured: Jami, Jack, Ashley, Jeff and Joscelyn Roberson (Source: txkparent)

They carefully balance her travels and training with quality family time, refusing to take extra vacations unless the whole family can join.

The gymnast’s family eats dinner together regularly and wants all their children to have shared family memories. Despite her talents, her parents strive to give her as normal a life as possible.

Joscelyn Roberson Ethnicity

Roberson is Caucasian. Both her parents, Jeff and Ashley, are white Americans originally from Texarkana. The Roberson family has strong ties to their Texas hometown.

Despite having options to relocate for expanded gymnastics training, the Robersons have chosen to remain in Texarkana, where she trains with coaches they consider family.

Staying in Texarkana allows the athlete to maintain her connection to a supportive community while pursuing her gymnastics career.

Joscelyn Roberson Parents
Joscelyn Roberson began gymnastics and cheerleading classes at a young age. (Source: nbcsports)

Her parents want her to embrace her talents while keeping a grounded perspective.

They believe staying close to home and expecting her to complete everyday chores helps achieve that balance.

Joscelyn hopes to represent the United States in international competitions like the Olympics someday, carrying forward her small-town origins.

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