Joyce Jimenez Husband Paul Ely Egbalic Married Life And Kids

Joyce Jimenez Husband

Joyce Jimenez husband must be proud of his wife’s accomplishment as an actress. The aspiring Filipino actress has worked in several films and television series.

Gorgeous actress Joyce Jimenez found early fame in the Philippines entertainment scene. Likewise, she gained recognition in the early 2000s for appearing in many films and TV programs.

Joyce began her showbiz career at 18. Moreover, she became known for her daring roles in several hit films, including “What Do You Have,” “Have You Ever L8est?”, “Warat”, and “Pinay Pie”.

Jimenez also became a cover girl for men’s magazines. Lately, people have been talking about the actress’s name again because of her married life. 

Moreover, netizens began questioning Joyce Jimenez’s husband after a scandalous video, reportedly part of her film. Likewise, Joyce performed a contentious and graphic action.

Jimenez has not revealed much about her married life, which has caused debate among fans and haters. This has interested many in knowing about Joyce Jimenez’s husband and married life. 

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Meet Joyce Jimenez’s Husband, Paul Ely Egbalic

Joyce Jimenez tied the knot with Paul Ely Egbalic. Likewise, Egbalic is a Filipino-American who was raised in California.

Jimenez and her husband, Paul Ely Egbalic, planned their wedding venue at Walnut, California. Likewise, the two married on 23 August 2008 in attendance with a few close friends and family. 

Joyce Jimenez Husband Paul Ely Egbalic
Joyce Jimenez Husband: The former actress married Paul Ely Egbalic. (Source: ABS-CBN News)

Jimenez and Paul Ely Egbalic first gazed eyes upon each other in 2005. They first met at a Christmas event in San Diego when Jimenez visited her brother.

Joyce attended her friend’s house for a sleepover, where Egbalic was also present.

However, Joyce’s initial encounter with Egbalic was non-romantic as he left a rejecting impression on Joyce. Likewise, Joyce perceived Egbalic as impolite and discourteous.

Despite the harsh beginning, the two settled their differences and developed a romantic feeling for each other that lasts till today. 

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Joyce Jimenez Married Life And Kids

Actress Joyce Jimenez and her husband, Paul Ely Egbalic, had a troublesome beginning before marriage.

However, the two eventually developed a good bond and began a romantic relationship after some time.

Egbalic proposed to Joyce to marry him in 2008. Likewise, the two tied the knot a few months later, in August.

Egbalic and Jimenez enjoy a joyful marriage. Likewise, the two have been blessed with two offspring.

However, Joyce keeps her married life private and doesn’t discuss her husband and kids’ details on social media or in interviews.

Joyce ‘sJimenez’s husband seems to support her career, and they have a caring and good bond.

Meet Joyce Jimenez’s Family 

Joyce Herrin Reintegrado-Egbalic, shortly Joyce Jimenez, was born on 21 March 1978. Likewise, her family raised her in Los Angeles, California.

Reportedly, Jimenez’s parents were Filipino migrants. Similarly, the actress’s family worked hard to support her financial needs early on.

Joyce also learned the importance of family. Likewise, she also cherishes her Filipino roots.

Joyce Jimenez husband and Family
Joyce Jimenez’s husband: The darling Filipina actress left the showbiz in the mid-2000s to start a family. (Source: GMA Network)

Jimenez was initially famous for her bold movie scenes. Also, she was featured on men’s magazine covers.

Fans knew her as “Pantasya ng Bayan” because of the actress’s attractiveness and charm.

Jimenez’s family doesn’t come from an entertainment background but backed her choice to become an actress. Fortunately, she did well in the showbiz.

Joyce often visits her family in the US. Also, with her parents’ approval, she prioritized her family over her career.

Despite Jimenez’s success in the industry, she left showbiz in the mid-2000s to begin a new chapter of her life.

Joyce started a family with her Filipino-American boyfriend, Paul Ely Egbalic, a United States Air Force soldier.

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