Joel Kinnaman Kids, Family Background And Siblings

Joel Kinnaman Kids

Who are Joel Kinnaman Kids? As of 2023, The actor has no kids; however, he might consider starting a family shortly.

Joel Kinnaman is a versatile Swedish-American actor. He is prominent for his remarkable contributions to both film and television.

Kinnaman first gained recognition in the world of cinema in 2010. He acted in the Swedish film “Easy Money” and the Johan Falk crime series, showing his talent early in his career.

Also, The Swedish Actor significantly impacted the international entertainment scene. He portrayed Detective Stephen Holder in the series “The Killing.”

He earned praise for his role “Detective Stephen Holder ” in a crime drama. The AMC critically acclaimed the series.

Moreover, he portrayed his famous character “Rick Flag.” He appeared in the Warner Bros. film adaptations of the DC Comics anti-hero team, Suicide Squad, in 2016.

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Joel Kinnaman Kids

Joel Kinnaman Kids is nowhere to be found because he has none. He has never been a father or adopted a kid in his life.

Joel Kinnaman Kids
Joel Kinnaman is happily engaged to Swedish Model Kelly Gale. (Source: People)

However, The Icon was previously married to Cleo Wattenstrom. His former wife is a Swedish tattoo artist based in Los Angeles.

Nonetheless, The couple split after two years of marriage. They even remained friends after the breakup and were seen hanging out with mutual pals.

Kinnaman and Wattenstrom secretly exchanged their rings in April 2016. Later, he was spotted with Swedish Model Kelly Gale in los Angeles, indicating a new relationship.

In early 2021, Joel got engaged to Kelly Gale. His lover shared the happy news on social media, showing their commitment.

The lovebirds are in Australia, spending time with Kelly’s family. It appears that Joel Kinnaman Kids will soon be running in his home.

Before Cleo, Joel had dated actress Olivia Munn. Nevertheless, the two remained good friends even after their separation.

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Joel Kinnaman Family Background

Mr. Joel comes from a diverse family background. He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden.

Joel Kinnaman Kids
Joel Kinnaman spent time with his family in South Africa. (Source: Facebook)

The Star’s mother, Bitte, is a Swedish Therapist. And his father, Steve, is an American-born Swede with roots in the American Midwest.

Kinnaman’s father, Steve, has a mix of Irish and Scottish ancestry. His mom has maternal Ukranian-Jewsih heritage.

Growing up, The Suicide Squad star learned to speak English and Swedish. He spoke English with his dad and Swedish with his mom.

The Versatile actor had teh chance to experience life in the United States. Besides, he spent a year as a high school exchange student in Del Valle, Texas.

During his childhood, The TV star had connections with other actors like Alexander Skarsgard and Noomi Rapace.

After finishing high school, Joel started a journey to see the world. To fund his travels, he worked various jobs, such as working in beer factories, cleaning roofs and managing bars.

The Swedish star traveled extensively for several months at a time. He explored Southeast Asia in South America accompanied by fellow actor David Dencik.

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Who Are Joel Kinnaman’s Siblings?

Joel Kinnaman, teh talented actor, has a unique and loving family. He has five half-sisters named  Melinda Kinnaman and Leyla Belle.

Despite their different backgrounds, the Kinnaman siblings share strong bonds. Growing up with five sisters has influenced Joel’s perspective.

The film star’s sister, Melinda Kinnaman, follows in her brother’s footsteps. She is also an actress and has shown her acting skills in various Swedish films and television shows.

In contrast, Leyla Belle has chosen a different path. She is a make-up artist who is busy making others look their best.

Joel’s sisters have played a significant role in his life. They have offered support, love and inspiration to Joel.

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