Angel Locsin Alive – Death News Amid Lookalike Angel Mystica Died, Wikipedia And Age

Angel Loscin alive

Is Angel Locsin Alive? The actress is fit as fiddle as of 2023. She has contributed and dedicated her hard work in the entertainment industry with her skills.

Angelica Loscin Colmenares’s birthdate is April 23, 1985. She is a renowned Filipino actress and humanitarian.

Hailing from Santa Maria, Bulacan, Loscin started her educational journey at the University of Santo Tomas Junior High School.

Angel’s journey in the entertainment world began in the early 200s with supporting roles. She gradually earned recognition for her exceptional talent.

Notably, the Filipino actress gained prominence as the avian-human hybrid protagonist in the fantasy series “Mulawin”, It was released in 2004.

Later, the star appeared as the iconic superhero in the Rvaelo Komiks Universe series”Darna” in 2005.

Loscins’ versatility as an actress was further shown in the supernatural drama series “Lobo”. She portrayed the role of a fledging lycanthrope.

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Is Angel Locsin Alive?

Is Angel Locsin Alive? The question has been all over the internet after the news of her lookalike Angel Mystica emerged online making everyone shocked and sad.

Angel Loscin Alive
Angel Mystica died at a young leaving void in the hearts of her fans. (Source: YouTube)

Angel Mystica, a lookalike of the Filipino star passed away on November 21. She gained a fan following after impersonating Angel Loscin on the “Kalokalike Face 3” segment of ABS-CBN.

Last September, Angel’s sister Elena Solla revealed on Facebook that Mystica was hospitalized due to an aneurysm.

Unfortunately, on a recent November, RAP production, managing the social media star’s career, announced her passing on Facebook.

Expressions of grief and condolences flooded social media platforms. One post read, “We are sad to tell you everyone that our dearest Angel Mystica is finding her peace and way back home to the hand of the lord.”

The news of the beloved artist Angel’s passing marks the end of a chapter for the talented star. She left behind a legacy in the hearts of those who admired her.

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Angel Mystica Wikipedia

Angel Mystica was an accomplished actress and social media star hailing from the Philippines. She has been part of the entertainment scene for a long time.

Moreover, Angel acted in several movies and TV series. In 2021, She played the character Lia Gomez in the movie “One Day Pag-ibig.”

The following year in 2022, The social media personality landed the main role of Iska in the movie “Mystery of Love.”

Mystica gained attention when peopel started noticing her resemblance to Angel Loscin. It added to her media prominence showing her versatility and talent in various forms.

Despite the comparison with the veteran actress, Angel Loscin, Mystica carved her name in the industry. She left with her diverse talents and contributions.

Her popularity led to offers from various brands. Moreover, Mystica became the brand ambassador for Maya.

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Angel Mystica Age: How Old Is She?

As of her passing on November 21, 2023, The famous star was 24 years old. The news of her death came unexpectedly and shocked many when it was first shared on social media.

Angel Loscin Alive
Angel Mystica was a lookalike of the famous Filipino star Angel Loscin. (Source: Twitter)

While the cause of her death has not been officially confirmed at the time of the post, reports are suggesting that she may have died due to illness.

Nonetheless, the detials remain unverified, and online rumors about the circumstances have circulated.

Tributes and condolences have flooded various social media platforms. It reflects the impact of her untimely departure.

Messages expressing grief and remembering her have been shared by many, including one on Facebook that reads, “RIP, we miss you, mami.”

In the moment of loss, the entire Filipino entertainment industry has extended their heartfelt condolences to Angels’ family, friends, relatives, and close ones.

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