Josh Groban Jewish Or Christian? Religion Parents And Age Revealed

Josh Groban Jewish Christian

Josh Groban receives all the attention as the New York-based talented singer wows the audience with his vocal range. Music lovers want to learn about the emerging star’s religion. Is Josh Groban Jewish Or Christian? Let’s find out. 

Standout American singer Joshua Winslow Groban, shortly Josh Groban, 42, impressed the global audience with his stellar performance of his hit track. His four solo albums have been certified multi-platinum.

The singer-songwriter shot to fame and charted in 2007 as the number-one best-selling artist in the US. The artist has sold more than 22.3 million records in the country. 

Likewise, Groban has sold at least 25 million records worldwide as of 2024. A few of his songs and albums include, You Raise Me Up, Closer, All I Ask of You, The Impossible Dream, The Prayer, You Are Loved, 99 Years, and To Where You Are

In 2006, he released the song, You Are Loved (album Awake). Big-name music superstars inspired and influenced his music career, including Björk, Radiohead, Paul Simon, Steve Perry, Sting, and Freddie Mercury

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Is Josh Groban Jewish or Christian?

Who doesn’t know American singer Josh Groban, but do you know his religion? Well-known music star Groban amassed many followers through his incredible vocal range.

Speaking of his family heritage and religion, Josh’s family converted from Judaism to Christianity.

Josh Groban religion
Josh Groban is Chritian. (Source: Goldstar)

After marrying Josh’s mother, his Father changed his religion. Josh’s Father, Jack, is a descendant of Jewish immigrants. He is from Poland and Ukraine.

Regarding his mother’s ancestry, she is of Norwegian, English, and German descent. In brief, Josh’s parents are Episcopalians.

However, the 99 Years singer hasn’t answered questions regarding his faith. Josh rarely mentions his religion and has enlightened less on this topic. He grew up in Episcopalian culture but didn’t want to comment if he was Jewish or Christian.

Perhaps, Josh isn’t much invested in revealing his faith publicly as he seems more focused on releasing his new songs and albums.

Speaking of his habits and hobbies, Josh is a magic lover. The artist revealed that he auditioned for the Magic Castle nightclub as a teen. Unfortunately, his magic coins fell on the ground. 

Also, the music icon would have been a veterinarian if he had stayed away from music. While young, he wanted to live on a farm doing veterinarian work. 

In addition, reading books and novels has impacted and shaped Josh’s life, as he has a treasured book signed for him by Nelson Mandela.

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Josh Groban Age And Parents Revealed

Talented singer Josh Groban was born on 27 February 1981. The All I Ask of You singer is 43 years old as of 2024. 

Groban is a singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. The Standout American artist’s parents are involved in the entertainment sector.

Josh was born to Jack Groban and Lindy Groban. His mom and dad have played a significant role in his life as they always supported their son’s career choice. 

Josh Groban parents
Josh Groban is close to his parents. (Source: GH Gossip)

Josh’s parents are quite artistic. His mother, Melinda, was an interior designer and artist, while his Father, Jack, was a businessman. Jack owned an Executive Recruiting Company.

Moreover, Josh inherited his piano-playing skills from his dad, as his Father was an accomplished pianist. He could play piano by ear. Josh mentions that both his parents introduced him to various musical styles.

Perhaps, he followed in his parent’s footsteps, and his upbringing made him the man he is today. 

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