Parker McCollum Brother Tyler McCollum: Sister And Family

Parker McCollum brother

Parker Yancey McCollum is an American country singer-songwriter who owns his record label, PYM Music. Who is Parker McCollum brother, Tyler McCollum? Find out.

He first gained notice when he released his debut single and EP in 2013.

His first full-length album, The Limestone Kid, came out in February 2015 and received positive reviews, including a 3.5-star rating from The Austin Chronicle.

The review compared McCollum’s music to fellow Texas musician Charlie Robison.

After the album’s release, McCollum toured Texas with his backing band to promote it, performing at festivals like RedGorilla Music Fest.

He has since released additional EPs and albums, including Probably Wrong in 2017 and his major label debut, Gold Chain Cowboy, released in July 2021.

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Parker McCollum Brother Tyler McCollum

Parker McCollum’s brother, Tyler, is also pursuing a career as a musician.

Tyler is active on Instagram, where he posts about upcoming events and personal details.

According to his Instagram, Tyler got married on May 15th, 2023, to Emma McCollum, whose Instagram handle is @thatgirlemmalou.

The McCollum couple shares photos and videos on Instagram depicting their close relationship.

An adorable image of Parker’s brother and his father (Source: Instagram)

Tyler’s 2019 album “Backbone” features an impressive range of musical styles across its tracklist.

From the uplifting melodies of “Learn to Fly” to the nostalgic tones of “Time Machine,” the collection highlights Tyler’s versatility.

Each track adds distinct textures to the album’s sonic tapestry. Pieces like “Learn to Fly” and “Time Machine” offer just a preview of Tyler’s artistic depth, while songs such as “Evelyn Roy” and “Mary” further demonstrate his keen ear for exploring different musical avenues.

Through this blended approach, “Backbone” showcases his abilities, cementing itself as a remarkable addition to Tyler’s evolving discography.

Parker McCollum, sister

Parker McCollum comes from a musical family of five. He is the youngest of Mark McCollum and Stacey Yancey’s three kids.

His older siblings are Tyler, a six-year-old Parker’s senior, and his sister Michael.

Following his big brother’s footsteps, Parker pursued his passion for music. Tyler McCollum is also a musician, providing an artistic role model for his younger brother from an early age.

While Parker has shared little publicly about his sister Michael’s interests or profession, growing up with two musically inclined siblings undoubtedly inspired his creative development.

Parker credits Tyler and Michael with actively nurturing his talent since childhood rather than just being sources of inspiration.

With their support over the years, he was empowered to hone his craft and find his unique voice as an artist.

Now enjoying success in his musical career, Parker strives to promote the same supportive environment for others looking to follow their dreams, just as his brother and sister did for him. His family plays an integral part in his journey.

Parker McCollum family 

Parker McCollum’s partner is Hallie Ray Light McCollum, the co-founder of the clothing brand @shopkih, which has amassed over 207,000 Instagram followers.

Aside from giving fans a glimpse into his music career, Parker shares heartwarming photos and videos of his family and siblings on social media.

The McCollum couple’s pet dog, Ruger, even has his own Instagram account! Family is essential to the renowned singer-songwriter.

Parker McCollum brother
An image of Parker and his partner Hallie Ray Light McCollum
(Source: Instagram)

Having the support of loved ones like Hallie and Ruger, in addition to parents Mark McCollum and Stacey Yancey and siblings Tyler and Michael, has undoubtedly played a massive part in enabling Parker to pursue his passion.

With a string of hit releases already under his belt at his young age, he continues to make his tight-knit family proud through his dedication to songwriting and performing.

His ability to thrive as an artist seems inextricably linked to the strong personal relationships he prioritizes alongside his professional accomplishments.

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