Elijah Schaffer Wife Kezia Schaffer: Wikipedia And Age

Elijah Schaffer Wife

Meet Kezia Schaffer, Elijah Schaffer’s beloved wife, who brings warmth, love, and cultural diversity to their family dynamic.

Elijah Schaffer is recognized as a political commentator with right-wing perspectives and a comedic flair, active on YouTube.

He gained recognition as the host of the BlazeTV podcast “Slightly Offensive” and co-host of the show “You are Here.”

The commentator is known for his bold reporting style, including infiltrating Antifa riots, capturing the Kyle Rittenhouse shooting in Kenosha, and documenting the infamous Capitol riot.

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Elijah Schaffer Wife: Kezia Schaffer

Elijah Schaffer married Kezia Schaffer on January 12, 2020, in Whittier, California.

Originally from Australia, Kezia brings cultural diversity to their family.

Together, they lead a contented family life, traveling and creating cherished memories with their son, affectionately called “Baby E,” who was born in April 2023.

As a husband and father, the comedic political commentator finds profound fulfillment.

Elijah Schaffer Wife
Elijah Schaffer is pictured with his wife, Kezia. (Source: Instagram)

His Instagram feed radiates with adoration for Kezia and “Baby E,” portraying them as the pinnacle of his achievements.

The YouTuber showcases the love and joy they bring into his life through heartfelt posts, emphasizing the significance of family bonds.

Their shared experiences and adventures illustrate the strength of their relationship and the joy they find in parenthood.

His commitment to his family shines through his dedication to nurturing their happiness and cherishing every moment spent together.

Elijah Schaffer Wikipedia

Elijah was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, to his parents, including his father, a pastor, and his mother, Maureen.

He attended Azusa Pacific University, graduating in 2017 with a molecular biology and chemistry degree.

Despite his academic background, the comedic political commentator found his passion in media and political commentary.

As the host of “Slightly Offensive” and co-host of “You are Here,” he has interviewed numerous celebrities and covered various political events.

However, his career faced a setback when he was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal in August 2022.

Elijah Schaffer Wife
Elijah Schaffer earned his degree from Azusa Pacific University. (Source: Instagram)

The YouTuber was accused of sexually harassing a coworker, leading to his dismissal from the Blaze Podcast network.

Additionally, Schaffer remains active on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter (referred to as “X”), and YouTube, among others.

Via these platforms, he interacts with followers, showcases his skills, and offers glimpses into his personal life.

Instagram provides an intimate look, but Twitter facilitates rapid updates and debate participation for the comedic political commentator.

YouTube is a platform for longer-form content, including interviews and commentary, showcasing his multifaceted talents to a broader audience.

Despite the controversy, the political commentator appears to have resumed his career, retaining his position as the host of “Slightly Offensive.”

He also continues his role as a writer and producer for the TV series “You Are Here.”

Elijah Schaffer Age: How Old Is He?

Elijah Schaffer was born in 1993; as of 2024, he is 31 years old.

He holds American nationality and identifies as a Christian.

Raised in a family with a strong religious background, the comedic political commentator’s father is a minister who oversees a congregation in Los Angeles.

His faith plays a significant role in his life, guiding his beliefs and actions.

Elijah Schaffer Wife
Elijah Schaffer is the proud father of his newborn baby. (Source: Instagram)

The YouTuber often emphasizes the importance of faith over fear, showcasing his commitment to his religious principles.

Despite facing challenges in his career, he remains resilient, focusing on his passion for media and commentary.

Despite facing controversies, Elijah continues to engage with his audience, navigating the complexities of his professional and personal life with determination and resilience.

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