Johnny Depp Net Worth: Film Earnings & Defamation Case

Johnny Depp

An American actor, musician, and producer John Christopher Deep II, known professionally as Johnny Depp’s net worth is $150 million, a significant drop from his previous net worth.

Depp is mostly known for his role as “Captain Jack Sparrow” in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

Lately, Depp has been in the media for his ongoing case and lawsuits against his former wife and actress Amber Heard.

However, his ongoing issues are the last thing people think of when they hear about the movie star Johnny Depp.

The man has had a long and illustrious career with more than 95 acting credits, and god knows how much money he has from it.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp (Source: Web Series Review)

Besides being one of the highest-paid celebrities, Depp is also a recipient of several prestigious awards, including a Screen Actors Guild Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Despite the fact that Depp has given worldwide smash hits throughout his career, he is yet to receive the dream of every other actor, the Academy Awards.

However, if there is any consolation, he has been nominated three times.

Johnny Depp | Quick Facts

Before getting to the details, let’s glance at “Captain Jack Sparrow,” aka Johnny Depp’s personal life:

Birth Name John Christopher Deep II
Nickname Johnny, Colonel, Mr. Stench
Known Professionally Johnny Depp
Birth Date June 9, 1963
Birth Place Owensboro, Kentucky, United States
Current Residence Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Age 60 Years Old
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed (English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Dutch, German, Flemish, Belgian, and African)
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Religion Atheist
Siblings Debbie Depp (Sister), Christi Dembrowski (Sister), Daniel Depp (Brother)
Father’s Name John Christopher Depp
Mother’s Name Betty Sue Palmer
Marital Status Divorced
  • Lori Anne Allison (1983-1985)
  • Amber Heard (2011-2017)
Former Partners Winona Ryder (1989-1993), Kate Moss (1994-1998), Naomi Campbell (1998), Lisa Marie Presley (2018-2019)
Children Jack Depp, Lily-Rose Depp
Build Athletic
Height 5’10″/178 cm/1.78 m
Weight 78 kg/172 lbs
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Distinctive Features Highly define cheekbones, tattoos
Sexual Orientation Straight
Manager/Agent The Spanky Taylor Company, Slate PR, Public Relations Agency
Brand Endorsements Infinitum Nihil
Debut Film A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
First TV Show Lady Blue
Education Miramar High School
Profession Actor, Musician, Producer, Voice Actor, Screenwriter, & Director
Best Known For Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice In the Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Rango
Music Genre Rock
Label Republic Records, Capitol Records
Instruments Guitars
Favorite Food Mexican food, pork, and chicken
Favorite Band The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Aerosmith, Oasis, Taraf De Haidouks
Favorite Accessories Fedora hat, wristbands, sunglasses
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
Net Worth $150 Million
Salary Per Film $20 Million
Merchandise Pirates of Caribbean Signed Photo, Jack Sparrow Funko Pop, Alice in Wonderland Action Figure, Signed Electric Guitar
Last Update February 2024

Johnny Depp | Net Worth & Movie Earnings

Net Worth

An American movie star and producer Johnny Depp’s net worth as of February 2024 is $150 million.

Do you think that the figure seems surprisingly low?

You are not the only one, my friend. More on this in another section!

Superstar Johnny Depp’s films have done astoundingly well at the box office, with more than $8.7 billion in the worldwide collection and $3.4 billion in America.

In some years, his salary has been known to rack up to $100 million, more than enough to make him the highest-earning star globally.

Some sources have claimed his net worth to be at $900 million at the highest.

However, with his divorce and lawsuits, the amount has been plunged dramatically over the course of the few years.

Movie Earnings

Early Roles

Having started small, Johnny’s salary for the 1987 drama series 21 Jump Street was a mere $45,000 per episode.

From that point onwards, the numbers jumped astonishingly, making him one of the highest-earning and richest actors in the world.

For his role as Gene Watson in the 1995 thriller/crime film Nick of Time, he was paid a staggering $5 million, probably his first seven-figure salary.

Similarly, his role as Joseph D. ‘Joe’ Pistone in a 1997 crime/drama earned him another $5 million.

Johnny Deep in Pirates of Caribbean
Johnny Deep in Pirates of the Caribbean (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Nonetheless, the money shower actually began for the star in 2003 with the release of the first Pirate film titled Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl.

He was paid $10 million to portray fan-favorite “Captain Jack Sparrow” in the film.

Later Roles

And, how can we forget the beloved Willy Wonka?

The 2005’s smash hit film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, directed by director and Johnny’s frequent collaborator Tim Burton grossed a staggering $475 million globally.

For his part as Willy Wonka, Johnny earned a massive $18 million.

Likewise, for the second installment of the “Pirates” series, Johnny’s base salary was a $20 million-plus backend bonus.

This resulted in an additional $40 million in backend bonus, making a total payout of $60 million from “Dead Man’s Chest.”

The same thing happened with the 2010 film Alice In Wonderland. Johnny took a low upfront salary and high backend points.

As a result, Depp ended up earning $55 million from the film, which currently stands as one of the 20 highest paychecks for a single movie.

Furthermore, from the third chapter of the Pirates series, Johnny made $55 million, including upfront salary and backend bonus.

In the same vein, Johnny earned another $55 million from the fourth “Pirates” film released in 2011.

Johnny himself confessed that he was ‘overpaid’ for the Pirates films. In total, he earned over $300 million from five films in the franchise.

Furthermore, his other notable salaries include $20 million for The Tourist, $7.5 million for Rango (voice-over), and $15 million for The Rum Diary.

Johnny signed a contract with Warner Brothers in 2020 to appear in the third chapter of Fantastic Beasts worth $16 million with a full guarantee regardless of the circumstances.

However, they ended up firing Johnny from the film in the wake of the Amber Heard lawsuit. Lucky for Johnny, he earned $16 million without having to lift a finger as per the clause of the contract.

Net Worth of Johnny Depp’s is Different Currencies

Let’s look into Johnny Depp’s net worth in different currencies, including the notorious cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Currency Net Worth
Euro €139.55 Million
Pound Sterling £118.71 Million
Australian Dollar A$210.28 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 191.31 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 11,646,525,000
Bitcoin ฿5,234.23

Johnny Depp | Houses, Cars & Yacht

As of February 2024, Johnny Depp’s net worth is $150 million.

Johnny Depp has over $100 million worth of real estate portfolio. He has purchased more than 14 homes in different parts of the world.

The actor has a 45-acre chateau in France, several islands in the Bahamas, a horse farm in Kentucky, and several dwellings across the United States.

He purchased his entire homes and properties for $75 million in different instances.

His main house is located in Hollywood Hills, California, which he purchased back in 1995 for well over $1.8 million.

Johnny Depp French Chateau
Johnny Depp French Chateau (Source: Robb Report)

As for his cars, Johnny Depp has always been an automobile enthusiast, which is why he has more than 45 cars in his collection.

Most recently, he was spotted getting out of his black Cadillac Escalade amidst the defamation trial.

Moreover, Depp also owned a yacht named Vajoliroja which he purchased back in 2007 to experience life on the water and to take him to his private island in the Bahamas.

He reportedly splashed $18 million on the yacht and spent $7 million in renovation in 2009.

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Johnny Depp | Lifestyle

Actor Johnny Depp’s finances were managed by The Management Group for the majority of his career.

However, Depp filed a lawsuit against them in 2017, accusing them of mismanaging his finances.

Johnny also claimed that they caused him to lose tens of millions of dollars, tormented over $40 million in debt without his knowledge, unpaid property taxes, and unauthorized loans, among other charges.

However, the firm countersued Johnny claiming his extravagant spending spree had actually made him lose his money despite having earned $650 million in 13 years window.

They also claimed that Depp himself put him in the position with his profligate and reckless spending, which no longer covered his basic monthly expenses, which had topped $2 million at the time.

Time to raise your eyebrows and scratch your head!!

During his bright financial days, Johnny spent over $3.6 million per year to maintain 40 people full-time staff.

Johnny Depp Spends $30,000 a Month on Wine Alone
Johnny Depp Spends $30,000 a Month on Wine Alone (Source: Vanity Fair)

Similarly, he spent $150,000 per month on bodyguards, $200,000 per month on private jet travel, and surprisingly $30,000 per month on wine.

His yacht maintenance alone cost him $350,000 a month.

You might be shocked to know that Johnny Depp once spent over $5 million to have his friend Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes fired from a cannon off a 47-meter high tower.

Furthermore, Deep has a love for arts and has an art collection that includes works by artists such as Andy Warhol and 12 storage facilities worth of memorabilia.

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Johnny Depp | Defamation

Early Cases

Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard married in February 2015.

However, Heard filed for a divorce in May 2016, accusing Depp of being verbally and physically abusive.

After one year of hectic and gruesome trial, the divorce was finalized in January 2017, with Depp paying Heard $7 million in alimony.

Amber even vowed to donate more than half of the settlement amount to the charity, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and the ACLU particularly.

However, in January 2021, Johnny claimed that Heard had been lying about her donation pledge.

When Johnny’s lawyers reached out to the charities, they discovered Amber had only donated $100,000, more than $3.4 million shy of her alleged promised donation.

Amber Heard in Courtroom
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard n Courtroom (Source: Sky News)

Interestingly, the hospital had to ask Heard whether or not the pledged amount will be fulfilled.

Moreover, in 2018 after News Group Newspapers, publishers of The Sun, referred to Depp as a “wife-beater,” he sued the publishers.

The lawsuit went to trial in 2020, and both Depp and Heard testified for several days.

After days of trial, Depp lost an appeal in 2021 after a judge ruled 12 of the 14 incidents of violence reported by Heard substantially true.

Similarly, in 2019 Johnny sued Heard for defamation in Virginia and sought $50 million as a direct response.

Heard countersued Johnny in August 2020.

As of February 2024, Johnny Depp’s net worth is a staggering $150 million.

Highlights of the Case and Verdict

Their trial for defamation case began on April 11, 2022, in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States.

Several evidence and testimonies by different individuals from both sides were presented in the courtroom.

However, on 26th April 2022, audio was played in the courtroom of Amber Heard, saying, “..tell them, I, Johnny Depp, a man, am a victim of domestic violence… and see how many people believe or side with you”.

This audio sparked a lot of reactions on social media. Many people saw this as a key piece of evidence against Heard’s case.

Amber Heard in Similar Outfit
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in Similar Outfit (Source: New York Post)

Moreover, Johnny Depp himself stated that after getting involved in the trial and lawsuits, he had been cut out from the major film franchise resulting loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Furthermore, after observing Heard’s body language and expressions, a forensic psychologist testified that Heard has a histrionic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

In addition, while some well-known celebrities such as Penelope Cruz, JK Rowling, and Amber Heard’s Aquaman co-star Jason Momoa supported Johnny Deep, Howard Stern, on the other hand, slammed him, calling him a HUGE NARCISSISTIC.

Furthermore, on June 1, 2022, approximately at 3 in the p.m. ET, the verdict was announced in favor of Jonny Depp.

Amber Heard was found guilty of all three counts of defamation in Mr. Depp’s lawsuit.

According to the jury, Amber will have to pay Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and an additional $5 million in punitive damages, for a total of a staggering $15 million.

In terms of Amber’s countersuit against Depp, Depp was found guilty of one count, and he will have to pay $2 million in compensatory damages.

Unknown Facts About Johnny Depp

  • As a child, Johnny Depp was allergic to chocolate.
  • Captain Sparrow, aka Depp, dropped out of school at 15 to pursue a music career.
  • Nicholas Cage is one of his closest friends who encouraged him to get into acting.


How much is Amber Heard worth?

As of 2022, Amber Heard’s net worth is $8 million.

How did Johnny Depp’s finger get severed?

According to Mr. Depp, Ms. Heard threw a vodka bottle at him severing his finger. Depp even demonstrated how he was sitting at the time and how the bottle hit his hand to the jury.

Will Johnny Depp be in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

Under enquiring from his own attorney, Depp said that Disney released him from the sixth chapter of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” No further claims have been made.

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