John Albert Obituary And Death Cause – How Did The Writer Die? Wife And Family

John Albert

People are curious to know about John Albert Obituary. Please read the article below to learn about John’s death cause.

John Albert was a musician, writer, and Journalist who significantly contributed to the Los Angeles music and journalism scenes.

Born and raised in a bohemian desert town east of Los Angeles, John was a fan of old glitter rock before discovering punk rock.

He was known for his love of skateboarding, smoking pot, and listening to records.

In addition to his musical pursuits, John had a successful career as a Journalist. He began writing for L.A. Weekly in 2000 and went on to contribute to Hustler and BlackBook.

He even won the Best Sports Writing Award from Best of the West Journalism for an L.A. Weekly article in 2000.

John Albert Obituary 

Mark Groubert, a close friend of John’s, delivered the shocking news on social media. He posted on his Twitter handle about the death news on May 3, 2023.

Mark is a prolific author, a reporter for L.A. Weekly, an editor at National Lampoon Magazine and MTV Magazine, and a talented screenwriter and producer at HBO, America’s Untold Stories.

In his heartfelt announcement, Mark expressed, “My dear friend, the great writer John Albert died of a massive heart attack last night here in Los Angeles. I am in shock.”

John Albert Obituary
John Albert Obituary: The writer passed away recently (Source: Twitter)

John’s passion for writing began with a simple email he wrote about his baseball team, which was later turned into a cover story by the features department.

He went on to write several articles for L.A. Weekly, including a piece on the influential punk rock band Bad Religion.

Beyond his journalism work, John was a musician and played with several bands, including the iconic Los Angeles punk band Bad Religion.

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John Albert Death Cause – How Did The Writer Die?

John, a beloved friend and perhaps a family member to many, passed away due to a heart attack. The news of his untimely death has left many shocked and grieving.

According to his close friend, Mark Groubert, John suffered a massive heart attack in Los Angeles.

John Albert
John Albert with his friends: Chris Martin, David Yorkin, LordBuckly (Source: Twitter)

There is little information about the circumstances leading to John’s heart attack. It is essential to note that heart attacks can happen suddenly and without prior warning signs.

They can happen due to high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle.

Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms of heart disease.

John Albert Wife And Family

There is a lack of information regarding John’s personal life. And no details are available about his wife or any potential family members.

Albert’s career began in 1979 when he founded the band Christian Death with his friend Roger Painter. The band used to play punk rock, but over time, their sound changed into death rock.

Despite not considering himself a musician, John played the drums for the band and went on to play with other punk bands, including Bad Religion.

After leaving the music industry for a period, John returned to writing and has written articles for publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Variety, and Fader.

He also runs the ANTI-label blog with Gina Gurewitz and plans to release a second book.

While information about John Albert’s family is not available, it is clear that he has had a successful career as a musician and writer.

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