Is Comedian Eddie Izzard Transgender? Partner Children And Parents Revealed

Eddie Izzard Transgender

Is Comedian Eddie Izzard Transgender? Yes, she is. Eddie is a British stand-up comedian, actor and activist.

Eddie Izzard, or Edward John Izzard, was born on the 7th of February 1962. Eddie later changed the name to Suzy Eddie Izzard. She is a British stand-up comedian and actor. And she is also famous for dressing in women’s clothes and wearing make-up while doing stand-up shows.

Eddie went to St. Bede Preparatory School and went Eastbourne College. Later, he continued his study at Sheffield University. During her university days, she started performing as a stand-up comedian.

Eddie could not continue her research and left the university and began pursuing a stand-up career and earning a living.

In late 2020, Eddie requested that the pronouns be she/her for the TV show appearance while portraying the artist of the year and said she would like to be more of a girl mode from the moment. Later she added Suzy to her name and the new name to be called was Suzy Eddie Izzard.

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Is Comedian Eddie Izzard Transgender?

Yes, Eddie Izzard has been open about his sexual preference as a transgender person since 1985. The comedian said she is struggling to start dating again as a transgender woman. 

Eddie Izzard Transgender
Eddie Izzard is looking for a ‘strong-minded’ woman to date her. (Source: Yahoo! News)

In December 2020, Eddie announced that she would like to be based in girl mode from the date. And she told The Daily Mail that she would like to date again, but some complications are being a transgender woman.

She also mentioned that her choice of a woman for a relationship must have a confident and strong mind. The activist and Labour party member recently identified herself as transvestite and defined herself as a lesbian trapped in a male body.

She is currently single, but she was in a long relationship with Sarah Townsend, a British director, producer and singer. They met each other in 1989 during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Currently, they are still good friends.

Eddie Izzard Children

Eddie Izzard, the British comedian, does not have her biological children. However, she has been a step-parent to her former partner Sarah Townsend’s son, born in 1997.

Eddie Izzard Transgender
Eddie Izzard with Nepalese children in 2017. (Source: UNICEF)

The couple were together for a long time and spent several years with each other’s company; she also spoke about the experience of being step-parents in public too.

In 2019, in a The Guardian interview, she talked about her relationship winning the stepson, and she felt like a father figure to the son. During that time, Eddie learnt how hard parenting a child could be and showed respect to all those who have a child and are raising them well.

Eddie has been active in various charity events that support and focus on children’s education and well-being. In 2016, Eddie took a 27 marathon in 27 days to collect funds for Sport Relief which is a British-based charity that helps disabled children inside the United Kingdom as well as outside.

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Eddie is also a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF, serving the organization and raising a voice for Children’s rights.

Even though Eddie has no biological children, she has shown keen commitment towards the children’s well-being by doing numerous charitable works and having the role of stepfather to his former partner’s son.

Eddie Izzard Parents

The birthplace of Eddie is Yemen to his father, Harold Izzard and mother, Dorothy Izzard. According to various sources, Dorothy worked as a nurse, and Harold worked as an accountant. During the birth of Eddie, Harold was working for BP. 

Eddie Izzard Transgender
Eddie Izzard and father Harold Izzard at book signing event. (Source: Sussex World)

The family later moved to Northern Ireland, a place name Bangor. Eddie’s mother died when she was just six years old. Eddie had an elder brother Mark Izzard who was the two-year older.

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