Meet Graham Dickason Children Liane Maya And Karla: Wife And Family

Graham Dickason children

As netizens are eager to know about Graham Dickason children, Liane, Maya, And Karla, this article will provide additional information about his wife and family details.

As per sources, on September 16, 2021, a South African doctor named Lauren Dickason was involved in a tragic incident where she allegedly strangled her three daughters.

The victims were identified as two-year-old twins named Maya and Karla and their older sister Liane, who was six years old.

The incident took place shortly after the family had moved to New Zealand, having emigrated from South Africa just a few weeks prior.

Lauren Dickason’s husband, Graham, who is an orthopaedic surgeon, was also part of the family.

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Meet Graham Dickason Children Liane Maya And Karla

The netizens are eager to know about Graham Dickason children Liane, Maya, and Karla. 

Tragically, Graham Dickason, a father of three children named Maya, Karla, and Liane, has experienced an unimaginable horror.

His wife, Lauren Anne Dickason, committed a brutal act by taking the lives of their own children.

Lauren’s method of murder was strangling her three daughters, inflicting unimaginable pain and suffering upon them.

Graham Dickason children
Graham Dickason children Maya, Karla, and Liane are no more with us (Source: Daily Mail)

The news of this heinous crime has deeply impacted both the online community and individuals who knew these innocent children.

Netizens and acquaintances alike are mourning the loss of Maya, Karla, and Liane, who were cruelly robbed of their lives in such a horrific manner.

The senseless nature of this tragedy has left people grieving and grappling with the profound sorrow caused by the brutal murder of these young, innocent souls.

Graham Dickason wife

Graham’s wife, Lauren Anne Dickason, has confessed to the murders of her two-year-old twins, Maya and Karla.

Graham’s partner also confessed to killing her six-year-old daughter Liane at their residence in Timaru on September 16, 2021.

Notably, her husband, Graham Dickason, who works as an orthopedic surgeon, left the house a mere 20 minutes before the tragic incident.

Graham Dickason children
Graham Dickason wife Lauren was mentally unstable (Source: NZ Herald)

Although Dickason acknowledges that she is responsible for the deaths of her three children, she has entered a plea of not guilty based on the grounds of insanity and infanticide.

Currently, she is being tried in the High Court at Christchurch, presided over by Justice Cameron Mander, with a jury consisting of eight women and four men.

Graham Dickason family

Out of respect for the family’s privacy, further specific details regarding Graham Dickason and his family have not been disclosed.

This is done to ensure that their personal information remains confidential and protected during this extremely difficult and sensitive time.

Graham expressed that his wife was going through a difficult phase in the months leading up to the heart-breaking incident where she took the lives of their three young daughters.

Graham Dickason children
Dickason family lost their precious family members (Source: NZ Herald)

He mentioned that she “was not in a good place” and was burdened by various pressures and challenges.

However, Graham could never have anticipated the unimaginable turn of events that would unfold just a few weeks after their arrival in New Zealand.

The family has relocated to the country, hoping to embark on a fresh and promising chapter in their lives filled with safety and excitement.

Tragically, their expectations were shattered, and the outcome was a devastating tragedy that nobody could have foreseen.


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