Jim Turner Obituary Cause Of Death And Family

Jim Turner

Jim Turner passed away at the age of 82. This article will provide insight into Jim Turner obituary, death cause, and family. 

Jim Turner is regarded as one of the most accomplished professional football players, having enjoyed a stellar career spanning over sixteen years as an NFL kicker.

Beginning with New York Jets in 1964, which lasted until 1970, including making significant contributions towards their historic triumph against Baltimore Colts during Super Bowl III- renowned for its astonishing upset turnaround.

During his successful campaign with the Jets, Jim’s exceptional ability to kick garnered respect that earned him recognition, including two Pro Bowl selections, among other prestigious accolades.

He grew into an integral member after joining Denver Broncos in 1971.

His first-ever super bowl appearance in Super Bowl XII was undoubtedly due to pivotal members like Jim, who established the team legacy by playing instrumental roles during its golden era earning the ardor of colleagues and fans.

Jim Turner Obituary

The news of former NFL kicker Jim Turner’s passing has left millions of football fans worldwide heartbroken. The legendary player lost his life at 82 due to congestive heart failure.

Turner will always be remembered for his unparalleled performance during New York Jets’ historic Super Bowl III victory in which he scored three crucial field goals.

Turner began his professional journey under Coach Weeb Ewbank when he signed up for the Jets team in April 1964.

Despite not being satisfied with Shea Stadium playing surface conditions, he proved himself by putting up an outstanding display during the Super Bowl III game – contributing significantly towards the team’s victory.

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Jim Turner Cause Of Death

June 10, 2023, marked the end of one era as we lost Jim Turner- renowned former NFL kicker, due to congestive heart failure at age 82 while surrounded by loved ones.

On Monday, June 12, his family announced this sorrowful news with heavy hearts.

Turner had been battling several health issues before he passed away.

However, looking back at his life story sees him become one of the most excellent placekickers in NFL history, winning Super Bowl III with the New York Jets.

Jim Turner Obituary
Jim Turner holds up the Vince Lombardi Trophy. (source: foxnews)

This historic victory helped to secure the future of the American Football League (AFL) by demonstrating their worth and ensuring AFL teams’ equal footing within NFL.

Turners’ insight and unwavering spirit shaped a new reality that changed the course of the NFL and made the Super Bowl what it is today.

Jim Turner’s sporting achievements have added petrol to his already booming legacy as he becomes an iconic figure in football history. However, he will be missed greatly.

His passion for sports lives on, inspiring generations that come after him.

Jim Turner Family

A respectful tribute to Jim Turner, former NFL kicker who has passed away, leaving behind a heartbroken family consisting of Mary Kay-his wife of 58 years.

They are parents to three daughters- Lisa, Chris and Alison, who were there with him till his last breaths.

During these emotional moments together, Jim could express love towards dear ones deeply cared for by him over the years -a priceless gift given back mutually.

It is undoubtedly complex for the family as they grieve the loss of a beloved person most close to their hearts.

Yet, it is the heartwarming revelation that he continues living on through precious memories shared among them.

Jim Turner
Jim will be deeply missed by those who loved him. (source: thecelebpost)

Meanwhile, his eight grandchildren cope with decreased visits from their grandpa, whom they used to adore.

He taught them some essentials like mowing yards in playful ways full of humor, instilling qualities necessary for growing into responsible adults.

Undoubtedly, he will continue to be remembered philosophically by the younger generation.

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