Hannah Gadsby Partner Jenney Shamash, Dating Timeline Wedding And Age

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby Partner Jenney Shamash is a producer and also worked on her wife’s TV special program in 2020. Before eventually getting married, the two grew close and continued to work together as friends.

After taking first place in the national final of the Raw Comedy competition for emerging comedians in 2006, Australian comedian, writer, and actor Hannah Gadsby launched her career in her home country.

They received a Peabody Award and a Primetime Emmy Award in 2018 for their Netflix series Nanette’s Writing.

With the premiere of their show Douglas in 2019, Gadsby began touring overseas. In 2020, Netflix will broadcast the recorded special. ‘

The University of Tasmania conferred an honorary doctorate on them in 2021. They released Ten Steps to Nanette: A Memoir Situation in March 2022.

Gadsby uses they/them pronouns, is openly genderqueer and lesbian, has ADHD and autism, and utilizes they/them pronouns.

They actively support several charitable organizations, including the Sacred Heart Mission, the Edmund Rice Camps of Victoria, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Melbourne.

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Hannah Gadsby Partner Jenney Shamash

The Australian stand-up comic announced on Instagram that she and producer Jenney had been married since January 2021.

Gadsby said she first met her wife while visiting New York in 2018 to perform her controversial stand-up show Nanette off-Broadway.

Gadsby received Jenney Shamash as a producer for the program. They first encountered her when she stepped off the plane.

Before eventually getting married, the two grew close and continued to work together as friends.

The following year, in 2019, Gadsby toured her follow-up show, Douglas, and the couple traveled around the world together.

Gadsby claimed that because Shamash was made aware of his 2017 autism diagnosis, the two could communicate effectively despite having quite different cognitive abilities.

Originally intending to stay at Gadsby’s house in rural Victoria for a fortnight in 2020, Hannah Gadsby and Shamash would head back to Australia.

The two, however, soon found themselves under the stress of being trapped there due to the pandemic. Shamash was born in California and later moved to New York to work.

Hannah Gadsby Partner Jenney Shamash
Hannah Gadsby Partner Jenney Shamash (Source: Instagram)

The pair exchanged vows in the front yard of their house in rural Victoria in January 2021.

“We are doing all right. We are going strong,” Gadsby told The Times. Hannah claims that her wife is quite intelligent and has a talent for memorizing lines. It is enjoyable to see.

Hannah Gadsby Dating Timeline And Wedding

In 2018 and 2019, the performer had a romantic connection with American screenwriter Jill Soloway. Her dating history is unknown, besides her marriage to Shamash and her former relationship with the scriptwriter.

Hannah Gadsby
Nanette’s Hannah Gadsby is ‘dating Transparent’s Jill Soloway’ (Source; PInkNews)

According to the performer’s description of their wife, they are a great couple. As previously said, she is married to her producer wife, with whom she is happily cohabitating. However, because they keep their marriage a secret, there are not many pictures of them online.

Hannah Gadsby Age Revealed

The actor was born in 1978 in Smithton, a small town on the remote northwest coast of Tasmania; however, their exact date and month of birth are unknown. As of the current year, they are 46.

The comedian is the youngest of five children. From 1990 until 1995, Gadsby attended Smithton High School.

They were in year 12 at Launceston College and experienced a mental breakdown there. They enrolled at the University of Tasmania in Hobart at first.

Still they then switched to the Australian National University, where they graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art history and curatorial studies in 2003.

Hannah Gadsby
How Hannah Gadsby broke comedy in TED Talk (Source: TED Blog)

Gadsby later worked in Canberra bookstores before moving to Darwin to work as a projectionist at an outdoor movie theater.

The following two years were spent along Australia’s east coast, planting trees and harvesting crops.

They developed acute pancreatitis that required hospitalization, leading to their homelessness, which they later blamed partly on their ADHD.

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