Tara Grant Nanny: Where Is Verena Dierkes Now? Murder Case Update

Tara Grant

Tara Lynn Grant became nationally recognized as the victim of a murder committed by her husband, Stephen Grant, in February 2007. Who is Tara Grant Nanny? Find out. 

Grant was an American woman who lived in Macomb County, Michigan. She was married and had two children.

Tara Lynn Grant was also a successful consultant working at Washington Group International.

The case received extensive media coverage both in Michigan and across the country due to the circumstances surrounding her death.

Stephen Grant fled from their home while the police were conducting a search. Later, it was revealed that he had dismembered Tara’s body.

In April 2007, he confessed to the police about his crime.

Moreover, this confession was made public before his trial later that same year.

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Tara Grant Nanny: Where Is Verena Dierkes Now?

Who is Tara Grant nanny, Verena Dierkes? Verena is a foreign teenager working as a nanny for the Grants in the United States of America, and she initially embraced the opportunities presented to her.

As of this writing ([curret-year] June), Verena’s current location remains undisclosed and unknown.

After Tara was reported missing, Verena Dierkes had a conversation with the detectives investigating the case.

However, she chose not to disclose her affair with Stephen out of fear of the potential repercussions it could have on both herself and Stephen.

Tara Grant nanny
Man Gets 50+ Years For Grisly Wife Murder (Source: CBS News)

Verena had developed feelings for him and believed his explanations, leading her to want to protect him at all costs.

Nevertheless, when her employment agency requested that she leave the Grant household, possibly due to the suspicious nature of the case, she complied and left.

Ultimately, on February 21, Verena returned to her home country of Germany. Despite her departure, she maintained secret contact with Stephen.

However, their communication came to an end after he called her on March 3 to confess. Following his admission, Verena decided to sever all ties with him.

Tara Grant murder case update 

Stephen Grant was found guilty of second-degree murder on Friday, December 21, 2007.

Subsequently, on Thursday, February 21, 2008, he received a minimum prison sentence of fifty years.

Despite Grant’s efforts, his final appeal in state court, filed on March 30, 2010, was unsuccessful, upholding the original 50–80 years sentence.

Tara Grant
How did successful businesswoman Tara Grant simply vanish without a trace? (Source: YouTube)

The Michigan Supreme Court reviewed the case and affirmed a lower court’s decision, stating that Grant’s trial was not unduly influenced by pretrial publicity.

Despite the extensive media coverage of the widely known case.

Additionally, the court ruled that Stephen Grant was not denied access to an attorney before confessing to the police.

Stephen, the husband of the late Tara, is now facing the repercussions of his heinous act of taking his wife’s life in an unimaginable manner.

Tara Grant family

Tara’s family has expressed their intention to allow her two children to read their father’s confession once they reach adulthood.

This decision reflects their belief in providing them with access to the truth when they are old enough to understand and process it.

To represent her estate, the court authorized her sister, Alicia Standerfer. Standerfer filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against Stephen Grant in pursuit of justice.

Tara Grant
What Happened to Tara Grant?  (Source: YouTube)

Alicia and her husband Eric have taken on the responsibility of raising the two young Grant children in their home in Ohio.

However, on June 13, 2008, a tragic event occurred when Stephen’s father, Wiliam Allen “AI” Grant, took his own life in Capac, Michigan.

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