Isabella Higgins Parents Ethnicity, Religion And Family Background

Isabella Higgins Parents

Isabella Higgins parents must be exceptionally proud of her career achievements in the media field. She has established herself as a prominent journalist, consistently contributing to the sector.

Isabella Higgins is an Australian journalist who works for ABC News as a Europe correspondent in London.

She formerly reported on Indigenous issues for ABC News online, radio, and television.

Starting her career in ABC’s digital newsroom, she has since worked in their Brisbane, Rockhampton, and Sydney newsrooms. Additionally, she has also held temporary positions at their Parliament House bureau.

Higgins joined the ABC in 2014 as a News Digital reporter in Brisbane.

She has covered various issues on TV, radio, and online, from cane toads to constitutional debates.

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Isabella Higgins Parents

Isabella Higgins parents must always motivate her to become what she likes in her life; that might be the only reason she has been accomplishing so much in her career life.

Their unwavering support and encouragement have always played a significant role in her success.

Back then, when interviewing with Medium, Higgins disclosed how she aspired to become a journalist, sharing her career aspirations.

Isabella Higgins Parents
Journalist Isabella Higgins pictured with her dad. (Image source: Facebook)

She vividly remembered their challenges when floodwaters inundated their home during the 2011 Brisbane floods. Her house went under at the time, and they were stranded for days.

At the time, a radio reporter turned up at their gate after the flood water subsided.

With her dedication and talent, Isabella Higgins’s parents are incredibly proud of her work.

In 2013, she expressed her gratitude to her father by sharing a picture on her Facebook profile and writing the heartfelt caption, “Thanks Dad.”

Today, she is a well-known journalist who has reported throughout Australia’s regional and metropolitan areas as a reporter and as the national Indigenous Affairs correspondent.

She works for ABC News in London as Europe’s first Torres Strait Islander journalist.

Interestingly, The Walkley Award for Young Australian Journalist of the Year was given to Ms. Higgins in recognition of her thorough reporting on the First Nations suicide issue.

In addition, her recent reporting on the situation in Ukraine has highlighted the atrocities committed there.

Isabella Higgins Ethnicity Religion: Family Background

Isabella Higgins grew up in Queensland as part of a proud Torres Strait Islander family.

Talking about her ethnic background, as per some reports, she has German and British ancestral backgrounds.

Isabella Higgins Parents
Isabella Higgins comes from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. (Image source: Facebook)

Her grandmother was initially German, but later came to Australia as a refugee and married her grandfather from Queensland.

The journalist’s work is well respected, but when it comes to her religious beliefs, they remain undisclosed, leaving many curious about her faith.

Find Isabella Higgins On Instagram

Isabella Higgins has a private Instagram handle under the username @isabellahiggins. She has approximately 2.4k followers on the platform, with 221 posts.

She prefers to keep her personal life out of the media and doesn’t disclose much about her family life.

Apart from Instagram, she has a Twitter handle where she remains more active, engaging with her followers daily. Since joining the platform in November 2014, she has gathered over 14k dedicated fan followers on her Twitter account.

The journalist primarily uses her Twitter profile to share updates about her professional life, providing insights into her work and industry rather than revealing much about her personal life to her audience.

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