Angel Locsin Scandal After Leaked Footage Gone Viral On Telegram

Angel Loscin Scandal

Angel Locsin Scandal in 2013, which revolved around alleged revealing photos of the award-winning actress, created a media frenzy and prompted her to address the situation publicly.

Angelica Locsin Colmenares is a Filipino actress and humanitarian. She is known for her dramatic roles and portrayals of heroines and mythological characters in film and television.

Moreover, the actress is a recipient of various accolades. She earned four-star Awards, three FAMAS Awards, two box office entertainment awards and a Luna Award.

Angel had her breakthrough as the avian-human hybrid protagonist in the fantasy series Mulawin. Also, she starred as the titular superhero in the Ravelo Komics Universe series Darna.

Beyond her acting career, she is known for her humanitarian efforts. Locsin has been named one of Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy by Forbes and Asia’s Leaders of Tomorrow by Tatler.

Angel promotes various causes, including disaster relief, education, and women’s rights. She was noted for her field missions to settlement camps.

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Angel Locsin Scandal

Angel Locsin Scandal involves alleged revealing photos. Also, It garnered significant attention in the media.

Angel Locsin Scandal
Angel Locsin Scandal include her sex tape, which circulated online. (Source: YouTube)

In 2013, there was an alleged photo scandal of the award-winning actress. A picture showed her in a red dress with her breast exposed.

Moreover, Angel addressed this issue on ABS-CBN’s showbiz program. She stated that this incident had been circulating online due to the online bashers.

Additionally, the celebrity emphasized that she would not engage in such actions. She was sure that it was not her in the photo.

The Filipino actress maintained a clear conscience regarding the matter. She had a straightforward message regarding the bashers on social networking sites.

Locsin expressed that she had no personal issues with the bashers since she did not know them. Her response was polite, saying, “Hello. God Bless.”

This situation highlights the challenges that celebrities like Angel Locsin face. Their personal lives can become public fodder often due to the actions of internet trolls.

Despite this, Angel remained composed and maintained her stance. She affirmed her innocence in the alleged scandal.

Someone has edited her face into the original picture with the revealed Breast. The edit made the picture look natural.

Once the picture was leaked, the entire Filipino entertainment was stunned. Nonetheless, Angel proved her innocence after the actual picture was revealed.

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Angel Locsin Leaked Footage Gone Viral On Telegram

There is a viral video circulating online that some people claim features the “Unofficially Yours” actress.

Angel Loscin Scandal
Angel Locsin Scandal of nude photo in a red dress was fake. (Source: YouTube)

However, there were differing opinions among netizens. Some believe it is single, while others think the girl in the video resembles the famous actress.

The viral videos include the actress getting intimate with the person. Nevertheless, the video feature mentions the girl as a “Pornstar look-alike of Angel Locsin.”

Despite the clear indication, people were adamant to believe it was indeed the Filipino star. The footage was circulating online.

On top of that, The Filipino superstar was asked about a viral sex scandal video. Angel responded that when she watched the video, it was not her.

This confirmed there was a video, but the one shown to her was not her in the video. It shows the dark side of the entertainment industry.

Anyone can be entangled in controversies and scandals. One mere false scandal can take away the success and fame of celebrities.

Even after years of the viral video of Angel Locsin, some people still discuss this incident and suspect that it must be the TV star.

Despite all these controversies, Angel remains positive throughout her life. This shows that she is one of the greatest fighters in real life.

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